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My name is Alicia Harper and I'm a 20-something single mother who lives in NYC. I'm an Educator by day and Blogger/Freelance Writer by night. My life is filled with all things pink and sparkly, except for the one bit of blue -- my rambunctious 5.5-year-old son, Aiden. He gives the biggest hugs ever. Ever! He has an old soul and sometimes I swear that he's lived this life before.

Actually, my life has a little bit more blue in it than Aiden as I'm a three time Columbia University Alumna, receiving my BA in Psychology, and MA and EdM, both in Psychological Counseling. So, yes, I bleed blue. But in a good way. Yes, CU is extremely expensive. No, I am not rich. But thanks to the good ol' folks at The New York Times College Scholarship Program, I received a scholarship for my academic achievement in the face of hardships. Thank the Lord because I would never have been able to pay for college otherwise.

After graduating, I met a guy, did the deed, had a baby, and lived happily ever after. Ha! If only life were that simple and easy. Because mine certainly was not. There I was -- a 20-something gal fresh out of college, in a complicated relationship and pregnant. Sigh.

I literally felt like I was kidnapped into motherhood. And I did not take that well. At all. With the exception of advice from a very small group of close friends and family (love them!), I felt completely alone and isolated. It was scary.

For Aiden's first year of life, I pretty much had no clue what I was doing, felt unprepared and incompetent, and I definitely hit rock bottom. Several times. And that was pretty sad.

But things are different now. I kinda sorta got myself together and finally feel like I'm swimming instead of sinking in this thing called motherhood. I named this blog Mommy Delicious because, even though my pregnancy was unexpected, I've found motherhood to be oh so delicious. And although everyday brings new challenges, I refuse to settle for anything less than health and happiness.

Which brings me to the other parent. Turns out, that relationship was not the best thing for me so I took a stand for safety and sanity, got the heck out, and ventured into my new role as a single mother! You can read more about my breaking point experience with domestic violence HERE.

Although the single mom life has its own set of obstacles, everyday is completely empowering and I've been learning so much about myself, my son, and life in general.

Blog Mission:

Through all of my ups and downs, trials and triumphs, I still think that motherhood is absolutely delicious, hence the name of this blog. So thanks a ton for checking out Mommy Delicious! I really appreciate it. I created this small place and space on the Internet in 2010 so that we can come together to share stories and exchange ideas about young parenthood, single parenthood, co-parenting.... whatever! After all, it takes a village... right?

If you have fabulous ideas, questions, and/or comments, please feel free to reach me at: momdelicious (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Please Note:
The writing, content, and images of my family and friends belong to me, Alicia Harper. Please be kind and do not use without my permission. If you share, please be sure that I receive credit for my work.

All other images are readily available on the web!

Peace and Love.


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