PR, Media, and Advertising

Thank you for your interest in Mommy Delicious!

This is a PR friendly blog, which means that if you are a company looking to have your products or services showcased in front of the most powerful group of consumers -- women, then I'd love to partner with you!

Who are Mommy Delicious' readers? Good question! This blog is a parenting and lifestyle blog that's geared toward a dedicated community of tech-savvy, fashionable, multi-tasking, too-busy-to-nap, moms and moms-too-be, both young and younger, single and married, and of varying demographics.

Readers' interests include: children's toys and clothing, parenting products and services, pregnancy and maternity, literature and learning aids, fashion and beauty, and events in and around the NYC area.

Partnering with me: I enjoy reviewing new products and typically review products that appeal to my audience (mentioned above) and their interests (also mentioned above). I also like to offer giveaways to my readers, which a great way to generate traffic back to your website.

Events: I am available to attend events in the tri-state area, after which I will share the experience with my readers through a blog post and pictures highlighting your product, service, and website.

Advertising: Mommy Delicious is now accepting ads. If you are interested in discussing rates on ad space, please contact me via email.

Like what you've read? Want to partner with me? Please reach me at momdelicious (at) gmail (dot) com.

I look forward to partnering with you!


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