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I am an eBay Parent Ambassador as part of their Parent Panel. 
Learn more about this awesome venture by visiting this link.

I am a Contributing Writer on the Redbook Magazine Motherhood Blog, Mamarama

It's no surprise that I'm a stylista at heart. I have been featured in the New York Daily News as one of NYC'S Most Stylish Moms

 I am the Weekend Listings Editor for A Child Grows In Brooklyn:
IckyFest, Berenstain Bears LIVE!, Puppets on Film, and Much More!
I have partnered with NY Metro Parents as a contributing writer:
Have An Awesome Sleepover at a NYC Cathedral with Medieval Knights. 

I have partnered with Time Out NY Kids as a contributing writer:
Field Station: Dinosaurs!

I am a Contributing Writer for the blog, The Date Report:
How To Lose A Single Mom On The First Date In 6 Easy Steps
Sh*t Guys Say to Girls (When They're Not Really Interested)

I have partnered with Sesame Place as one of their proud Parent Ambassadors!

I've been a Contributing Writer for My Brown Baby:
Black Single Mother Lets Go of Fear -- And Statistics

I've partnered with The Young Mommy Life as a Monthly Contributor:
The Stress, Strains, and Sometimes Success of Co-Parenting
Redefining "Happily Ever After"
Confidence Comes With Competence
Premature Birth, RSV, and The Young Mommy
Graduate School Struggles and The Single Momma
A Single Mother's Endless Love
More Hugs, More Kisses

I've partnered with Momtrends and MomtrendsNYC as a Fashion and Lifestyle Contributing Writer:
KODAK Gallery Event
ACE Back-to-School Shopping with
Touring NYC with NY Waterway's East River Ferry
Motherhood Out Loud: A Play That Speaks to All Families
Maxim Hygiene Gets A Trendy Makeover
Bravo's "Mad Fashion" New York Premiere Party 
Spa Week Kicks Off With $50 Wellness Treatments 
Virgil's Real BBQ Opens In Paradise Island, Bahamas

I've partnered with the Brooklyn Mamas Network as a Contributing Writer:

I've been interviewed by Single Edition Media:
On Being A Single Mother

I've been included in a celebration of mothers by the non-profit organization Future Fortified:
Mother's Day 2012 Special Edition
I've been quoted on MomFinds:

I've been quoted in New York Family Magazine:

I've partnered with Latina On A Mission as an Events Correspondent:

I have partnered with MyCareOne, where I discuss all things Single Mommy Life as a Monthly Contributor:
This Co-Parenting Thing
Parenting Solo In A Way That Makes Sense For Your Family 
Best Practices For The Single Mom to Stay Sane
I Prefer The Term "Super Mom"
I've partnered with Real Direct as a Contributing Writer:
New York City: Our Life, Our Love
Halloween Festivities All Around the City

As you can see, I love partnering with other Social Media Personnel!

If you would like to partner with me by contributing an article to this site, please contact me. Please note: the article must be original content that is not published elsewhere in print or on the web.

Also, if you would like to partner with me to attend an event after which I will share the experience with my readers through a blog post displaying pictures of your products and website, please contact me via email.

Alicia Harper
momdelicious (at) gmail (dot) com


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