Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Count To Ten

Since Aiden was born, I've had the pleasure of going to the bathroom with the doors open. Wide open. With all my business out there and on display.

But lately I've been trying to get him accustomed to the fact that people actually go to the bathroom alone by telling him that I need my privacy and by only leaving the doors 1/4 open.

Let's just say it's been an uphill battle. Here's a conversation we had as soon as I walked into the bathroom. Like, I didn't even have the chance to unbutton my jeans yet.

Aiden: [Knocking on bathroom door] Mommy, are you finished with your privacy? 
Me: No, Aiden. Not yet.
Aiden: But.... it's taking a long day! (His version of "It's taking a long time!")
Me: I'm almost done. Just count to ten or something....
Aiden: Alright... here I go... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.... Mommy, are you finished yet?
Me: [Trying to pee a little faster] Aiden, you didn't even finish counting to ten!
Aiden: Oh, I forgot! 7, 8, 9, 10!!!
Me: [Still taking care of business] Errr... I'm almost done. Count to ten just one more time.
Aiden: [Counting faster than ever!] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!!
Me: [Smiling] See, I'm all finished.

At least we're incorporating math skills with peeing. Multitasking at its finest? Oh yea!

Ahh, the joys of Motherhood...

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Discipline Weekly: The Wonders Of Positive Reinforcement

If you've been following me on Twitter lately, you would see that Aiden and I are right in the thick of the terrible, thunderous three's. And it aint no joke. One minute my lovely little preschooler is all sweet and cooperative, the next, eh, not so much.

This would drive me crazy, except it's totally developmentally appropriate. So I'm being totally child-centered and adjusting to his needs as best as I can. And I'm taking you along for the ride. In what I've dubbed The Discipline Weekly, each Friday I'll feature some quick and easy technique that's been working for me and helping me through this trying precious time.

First up, the very basic: positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement works wonders! I can't stress that enough.

But here's the trick, don't just compliment the kid by saying, "Good job" and "I'm so proud of you." That can get kind of tired, especially when it comes off as phony or insincere.

Compliment the action, and not just the actor. Try to be as specific as possible. For instance, you can say, "I really like the way you said 'please and thank-you'" or "I see you worked really hard at remembering to put your toys back where they belong, good job!"

Bottom line: find something good that your kid did and praise the heck out of that action. And you will surely see more of that particular behavior because they want to please you.

If you don't catch them doing that particular behavior, believe you me, they'll point it out for you by saying, "Mommy, look at me! I'm doing [insert desired behavior here]!"

If you have the energy to consistently do this, I guarantee you this will work wonders in your household... or your money back. Oh wait, you're not paying for this awesomeness.

But really, there have been many times that I was too tired to do anything else and I turned to my fallback plan -- positive reinforcement. And in that moment, if I could have kissed the person who came up with this, I would have.

Try it out and let me know how it works in the comments!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On Obtaining Support For Your Child

Today's post comes courtesy of Suzanne, a Certified Credit Counselor and single mom. Sit back and relax as she kicks knowledge on what to do when your child is not receiving the support they deserve. 

I have been a single, full-time custodial parent for six years of my son’s life. I am the parent that kisses boo-boo’s, gives showers, prepares all meals, does homework, shows up at every school event and sporting activity and tucks my son in to bed every night. As if that isn’t enough I have financially supported him on my own for four out of those six years. 

The lack of support for the first four years was my fault; call it pride, stubbornness, wishful thinking I thought I could do it all on my own, I didn’t need my ex’s help financial, or otherwise. 

Then two years ago it hit me...

I am only hurting my son by not pushing for the support he deserves. Yes, we would “occasionally” receive a few hundred dollars a couple times a year (I would always put that money in my son’s savings account) but, was it fair to him?  That’s when I decided it was time to contact our states domestic relations department and put in an order for support.

While my situation is probably not typical there are many single parents out there who never seek the support their kids deserve. Not receiving your child support often means that you and your kids lack choices in life. You are solely responsible for all of your kid’s financial needs; activities, food, medical bills, every last penny. That’s a lot of pressure!

Forced choices...
You are often forced to make choices you may not otherwise make if you had the support to fall back on. Such as…
·      Calling in sick when you need to.
·      Changing jobs on a whim.
·      Saying yes to the new toy your child desperately wants and you can’t afford.
·      Going back to school.

So what can you do?
If you are not receiving your child support, it is important for you to understand your rights as a custodial parent. Child support is a responsibility and an obligation, not something that should be dismissed or ignored by the non-custodial parent. Here are some basic facts you should know.

  • Contact your local enforcement agency.  Their goal is to make sure that the financial responsibility of raising children is equitable between you and your ex.
  • Obtain a court order.  A court order is a document issued by the court and signed by a judge, or other official, ordering the non-custodial parent to make child support payments. The court order will specify the amount and frequency payments should be made.
  • Consider working with a private child support enforcement company. Often less expensive than an attorney these companies can help you get the support you and your kids deserve.
  • Hire an attorney.  While this may be the most expensive option, sometimes it is in your best interest to seek legal help in obtaining your support.
Know that you are not alone!
There are many single parents out there that assume the entire financial burden when it comes to parenting their children. Unfortunately, the systems put in place are not perfect and sometimes child support cases slip through the cracks.

The most important thing to remember when the child support doesn’t arrive is to keep a clear head, and try not to drag your children into child support issues. Knowing how to get the ball rolling when it comes to support is the first step to assuring your kids a brighter financial future.

Suzanne Cramer  is a certified credit counselor and a Social Media Specialist for CareOne Debt Relief Services. Suzanne writes for Divorce, Debt and Finances and Major Life Challenges. Follow Suzanne on Twitter @ADivorcedMom where she shares her insights as a single-divorced mom with tips and tricks to keep your finances in check.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Apple Circus Presents "Dance On!"

This past weekend, Aiden and I were invited to attend the opening weekend of The Big Apple Circus' Dance On! show located at Cunningham Park in Fresh Meadows Queens, NY, which will run from now through June 5th.

Taking the trip out to Queens, NY was totally worth it because Aiden and I had a fabulous time. Since it takes place under the Big Top tent, no seat is located more than 50 feet from the ring and the atmosphere is intimate and interactive.

The troupe of monocyclists and lasso twirlers were so much fun, the contortionists and athletes defied the laws of gravity, and the miniature horses were an added treat! Nice!

I really liked that many of the performers included audience members in their acts. It was quite lovely as audience members danced, sang, and flew in the air. Literally. Both the kids and grown-ups enjoyed it, which made the energy pretty freakin' amazing.

The show is only 2-hours long, which includes intermission. This is perfect for the toddler and/or preschooler who doesn't like to sit still for long periods of time. But believe me, with all the action going on under the tent, no one will actually want to sit still. And right outside of the Big Top tent is a field where the kids can run freely and make wishes with dandelions.

The Big Apple Circus will take place under the Big Top tent from now until June 5th and they have generously extended a discount to Mommy Delicious readers. You can enjoy $15.00 off each ticket to Dance On!

Online: Enter the code POP11 in the Promotional Codes box in the lower left of the page.
By phone: Call 888-541-3750 and mention code POP11.

Have a great time, Lovelies!

Disclaimer: I was chosen to be a part of The Big Apple Circus Blogger Program and received complimentary tickets to Dance On! in order to write this review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

Friday, May 20, 2011

How To Style Your Kids Without Breaking The Bank

Thank you Old Navy for sponsoring my post today about baby and toddler styles. Old Navy is giving you 30% off everything in their baby and toddler summer collection, plus get an additional 15% off in-store.

I've always had a love and appreciation for all things fashion-related. And I've always loved to shop. Once I became a Mom, my love for fashion has only been exacerbated because now not only can I shop for myself, but for Aiden as well. There's just something about retail therapy. It's so... refreshing!

And let's face it: Aiden's one stylish little dude.

But he's still little. And he grows out of his clothing in like, a week. And he likes to play. A lot. And while he's playing, he gets down and dirty. Very dirty. I've written about this before back when I first started blogging and didn't have any readers.

Since writing that post, I've realized that I no longer have a disposable income to spend as I please. So I've learned to put my big girl pants on and become responsible with my funds and whatnot. That's when I decided to come up with a few rules for maintaining his style... and my funds.

Never buy anything full price. 
I've learned that [fashion] patience is a virtue. That awesome article of clothing that you must have will go on sale. It always does. And if it doesn't, another store will have something of similar style and quality, but cheaper. It's just a matter of having the patience to look around in other stores.

Utilize online shopping.
This sorta goes hand-in-hand with the first rule. Let's say I spot the coolest skinny jeans for tots at Store XYZ.com for $30.00. There's no way I'm spending that kind of money on Aiden. He's cute and all, but I don't think so. But I want similar jeans for him. What do I do? Head on over to other stores (of similar quality) and see if they have similar jeans for a cheaper price. Score!

Beware of online shopping.
That being said, sometimes online shopping can hurt your pockets too. Sometimes the shipping can be so much or the "sale" items can be more than it actually is in the store. If you are skeptical, it's always a good idea to call the store to find out how much the item is in stores. If it's cheaper, head to the store. Double score!

Stock up on basic t-shirts and denim. 
This is pretty simple and stratight-forward -- stock up when your budget allows. Sometimes I even buy clothing one size up so that it can last until the next season.

Layer up.
This sorta goes hand-in-hand with the stocking up rule. In the Fall and on the cooler Spring days, Aiden usually wears a long-sleeved shirt with a t-shirt over it. One of those items are usually from the previous season, but it saves me lots money.

Hope these tips helped you as much as it helps me keep my kid fashionable and stylish without breaking the bank.

Happy shopping!

I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Five Blogs That Rock!

Thanks to Trop50 for sponsoring my writing about fabulous bloggers. This year Trop50 is granting 50 Fabulous Wishes. Click here to enter for a chance to win $1,000 to celebrate a friend with a refreshing attitude about looking and feeling fabulous!

One year ago today, I started Mommy Delicious. While I had a vision of where I wanted this blog to go and how I wanted to connect with others in cyberspace, I never, ever imagined that the connection would be this great.

I've met so many lovely people, virtually and in real life, and have formed great connections with some amazing bloggers. What better way to celebrate one year of Mommy Delicious than highlighting  a few other amazing bloggers.

This is by no means a comprehensive list -- just a combination of Moms, single ladies, NYers, non-NYers, fashionistas, and all-around amazing bloggers. In no particular order, here are five blogs that rock:

Style Me Prissy by Dr. Yakini:
Yakini was one of the first people that I met from the blogging world and I have grown to love her. She is also the author of The Prissy Mommy Chronicles and The Prissy Mommy Reviews, a blog that I regularly contribute to. While those blogs chronicle her life as a mom and wife in NYC and great product reviews for families, respectively, Style Me Prissy shows firsthand that a woman can be a wife and mother, yet still remain true to herself. Simply put, this blog is the epitome of girly-girlness as its content reflects all things that sparkle, all things fashion, and all things pretty. Love it!

A Mommy In The City by Lauren:
Lauren began blogging in order to chronicle her move from Florida to NYC. Now her blog has become much more than an online journal. She has fostered quite the community through her writing that is witty and brave and inspiring, all at the same time. Whether she's writing about trusting her Motherly instincts, encouraging her daughter's autonomy, or her Motherly "mishaps," Lauren's words always speaks to me. I am lucky enough to have met Lauren in person and she is just as beautiful in person as her blog posts are in print. In fact, it's hard not to fall in love with Lauren.

How Mama Got Her Swag Back by Denise:
Denise is a wife, mom, and Minister-In-Training living in the DC area. After having her baby, she started her blog in an attempt to get her "swagger" back. I have not met Denise in person, but I feel as though I know her based on her prose. Her posts always, always, ALWAYS leaves me pondering the subject at hand. Plus, her tell-it-like-it-is attitude is no joke. She's a women to be reckoned with, amazing and engaging, and her posts are always beautifully written. Get it girl!

Mama Locs by Laila 
Laila is a single mom (single mommies, stand up!) to an awesome little boy, much like me. I think I can connect to her in a special way because we share a lot in common. I have not met her in person as she lives in the Chicago suburbs, but her posts inspire me to work harder at pretty much everything. She not only manages life as a single mom, but she is also chronicling her weight loss on her blog, which to me, is such a brave, brave thing to do. Kudos to you, Laila. You rock, like, times two.

Her Deep Thoughts by LaLicenciada
Li's blog is all about inspiring others to find bliss and live their best life. Through her mission and her posts, she grants readers the permission to just... be. Be free, be happy, and be whole, just... be. I'm especially in love with her LushLunes series, which is an assignment every Monday ("Lunes" in Spanish) to help Mondays suck less. We all know how dreadful Mondays can be, and these assignments have been my "pick-me-uppers." Thanks Li!

So there you have it. Five totally rocking blogs that I know you'll love.

What blogs are you currently reading? Share them in the comments so that others can find great reads. Feel free to pimp yourself. I'm all for that!

Don't forget to enter the 50 Fabulous Wishes contest for a chance to win $1,000 to celebrate a friend with a refreshing attitude about looking and feeling fabulous. I was selected for this Tropicana Trop50 sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do. I received compensation to use and facilitate my post.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How To Know You're A Kick-Ass Mom

I have a few insecurities about being a single parent. I’ll be the first to admit that. One of my biggest insecurities is that my three-year-old son, Aiden will turn out all kinds of screwed up because his other parent doesn’t live with him. I’ve read enough articles and books to know that living in a single parent household is a risk factor for kids’ emotional, social, and cognitive development.

Sometimes my insecurities get the best of me, especially on days when Aiden’s thunderous three’s behavior gets the best of him. On those days, I can’t help but wonder how much of his behavior is developmentally appropriate, and how much of it is because he lives in a single parent household.

This may not be logical to some, but it is how I think. Sometimes. In fact, I had one of those thoughts just a few days ago when Aiden was not having a good day, and I was not dealing with it too well.

But this time, instead of self-loathing for too long (yes, it gets that bad at times), I sat back and thought of a few things my baby does to show that he’s growing well. You know what? He’s actually learning a thing… or twenty.

Monday, May 16, 2011

All I Do Is Win

Last week, my Facebook status read something along the lines of this: Grad school: check!

As the "congratulations" and the "way to go's" poured in, all I could think was, my freakin' goodness, I actually finished!

Single mom status and all. Foster care survivor and all. Young mom status and all. Domestic violence survivor and all. I actually did it!

Which got me thinking about how powerful the ability to push forward in spite of your situations can be. Life changing, to say the least.

I have pushed and pressed and worked so hard for this very moment.

Sometimes when people asked me how did I do it all, I didn't even know what to say. I guess sometimes I made it look effortless. But it wasn't. Feigning grace is no easy task.

So many times the stress was just waving over my head, but I somehow managed to shake it off long enough to respond to Aiden's needs and requests with patience and "in my nice voice." All the while, I'd be thinking to myself, how the heck am I going to make this work?

It wasn't easy. It wasn't supposed to be easy.

It still isn't easy. But it's doable.

That's the thing about setting goals and accomplishing them -- no matter where you come from or what your circumstances are, no matter what your beginnings are, YOU can change your life. You have the power to do it. Period.

It might be rough at times. You might feel as though you're sinking instead of swimming, or like you're crawling to the finish line, but you can do it.

Hey, I had to bring my 3-year-old -- my very rambunctious 3-year-old -- to class with me this year. Three different times! But you know what? When my papers and presentations and exams rolled around, I was in good shape because I never missed a class session. You. Do. What. You. Gotta. Do.

You can reach your goals and change your life. Trust me.

I've maintained and I've hung in there, save for the times I came thisclose to reaching my breaking point. In fact, I remember a few weeks ago when Aiden was having one of his terrific three's moments (sense the sarcasm!), an overextended, overtired, and overstressed Mommy said to him, "Aiden, mommy just needs to graduate, okay?"

Needless to say, the kid had a puzzled look on his face because he has no idea what a graduation is or what it means.

He has no idea what this accomplishment means for us. We defied the odds, yet again. These here degrees, baby Aiden, they are for us. We're taking the world by storm and leaving our mark.

Totally #winning.

Get ready for our next move, folks. It's gonna be a big one because all I do is win!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

National Mom's Nite Out... NYC Style!

As I stated in this post, the days leading up to Mother's Day were quite delicious, to say the least. And it culminated with one kick-ass party in celebration of Mothers everywhere!

National Mom's Nite Out is the first nationally organized celebration of Motherhood that brings together Moms the Thursday before Mother's Day, both physically and virtually.

I was super excited to join National Mom's Nite Out founder, Maria Bailey, Host of Mom Talk Radio, for the celebration in NYC. Held at the chic and sophisticated Ava Lounge, the penthouse at the Dream Hotel NYC, this event was THE party to go to.

The music was amazing, the cocktails were flowing, the massage area was to die for, the hor d'oeuvres were delish, and the Moms in attendance... well, they were/are amazing!

We. Shut. It. Down... NYC style and definitely had a great time!

Oh yea... and the gift bag was pretty freakin' sweet!

Thanks so much to Maria Bailey for hosting such a great event! You KNOW how to throw a party!

Disclaimer: Event attendees received a gift bag. No other compensation was provided.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Very Delicious Mother's Day

This year, Mother's Day has been pretty low-key around here. I had breakfast with my little Aiden, got all dolled up, went to church, and then spent the afternoon with my baby preschool boy. We played catch and rode on his scooter and I gave him a piggy back ride and I "coached" him while we played "football."

It was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better day. And the perfect weather here in NYC was a definite plus!

The days leading up to Mother's Day was also pretty freakin' awesome.

It started out with a morning of indulgence at Michael C. Fina, a world-class retailer of engagement and wedding rings, fine jewelry, and designer china. Hosted by Big City Moms, this invite-only event featured mimosas, brunch, and a private VIP trunk show.

It was a great way to start a very stressful week of trying to bang out the last of my grad school papers, presentations, and begin studying for finals. I was a little buzzed as I left the event, but hey... Moms Have More Fun, right?

And added bonus? All Moms got to leave with a special 14K white gold gift from the Michael C. Fina Mother's Day Collection. Isn't this just lovely?

Delicious, indeed.

Then came Thursday, and another chance for Moms to indulge in cocktails, shimmer in fine jewelry, and relax with a little pampering... all thanks to Nichelle, aka StyleMom, who teamed up with Iced Orchid to bring us such fabulosity.

Hosted at the Acqua Beauty Bar in Union Square, NYC, event attendees enjoyed manicures and foot massages, cocktails and chit-chatting, and a girl's best friend... diamonds!

Here I am frosting myself in some bling after my manicure.

Love the Essie Bermuda Shorts Pink shade and love the bling! Ice, ice baby!

Another added bonus? Event attendees scored a gorgeous 14K white gold necklace from the Iced Orchid collection as well as a sweet gift bag.

Thanks to Big City Moms and Michael C. Fina for hosting such a fab event on Tuesday!

And thanks to StyleMom, Iced Orchid, and Acqua Beauty Bar for hosting such an awesome event on Thursday!

What more could a hardworking, young, single Mom ask for?

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Disclaimer: Mommy Delicious was not compensated for this post, but received a gift bag and fine jewelry from each event, as stated in the post.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Domestic Violence Almost Always Happens Again

I thought long and hard before hitting the "PUBLISH POST" button when I wrote about my experience with domestic violence. I really did. I wondered what readers would think of my and how people would judge me based on it. 

But what actually pushed me to publish the post transcended my doubts and fears. It was the thought of helping someone -- anyone -- who may be experiencing what I already went through. And conquered. The fact of the matter is that "Nearly three out of four (74%) of Americans personally know someone who is or has been a victim of Domestic Violence" (Stat source). And yet, no one talks openly about it. 

So I figured... It's time to talk. Period. The more we talk, the less the topic is stigmatized, and the more we can empower the victims to become survivors. Period. 

And it's okay to let those who may be going through it know that they may be feeling many different things all at once. I know that's how I felt. 

I was in too deep and I couldn’t even see my way out. Not that the physical abuse happened everyday, but isn’t once enough?

It got to the point where I couldn’t recognize myself anymore. I was so far gone. So out there. I didn’t know how to find my way back to myself. I thought of leaving. I really did. Everyday after the first incident. But something kept me. Fear, maybe. Sometimes love is so blind, it feels right when it’s wrong. #Beyonce 

He tried to be Mr. Right after the first incident. And I tried to believe him. But the inner Alicia was saying “No… something’s not right.” I silenced her by thinking, “But he’s going to counseling for his issues.” Then he terminated prematurely. No more counseling. No what? The inner Alicia started to speak louder, but I still didn’t listen.

I was so tangled and confused and living in passion and lust and not-at-all Alicia. But that’s the thing about passion – when it’s good, it’s great. But then it gets bad. So bad. It burns hard and fast and … out.

Then… it happened again. The abuse. Suddenly, all of his begging and crying and pleading and counseling sessions meant nothing. Nothing at all. Because it happened again.

That's when the inner Alicia started to scream. And I, I finally began to recognize her high-pitched, sweet sounding, melodies-to-my-ear voice.

And just like that, I was done.

I’d found my way back to me. And it felt good. Oh-so-good.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Five Smart Financial Moves For Parents

Life as a single parent can seem tremendously overwhelming...

I have been a single mom for the majority of my son's life and some days go by in a blur of work, food prep, homework, laundry and after school activities. I barely have time to eat let alone worry about paying bills, saving for college, or insurance options.

By day I am a certified credit counselor helping others manage their debt and create sound financial futures; the other "24/7" title I hold is "mom". I know first hand taking the time to devise a financial plan is the best way to stay on top of your finances and build a sound financial future for yourself and your children.

Here are five things you must  make time for:

1. Monitor your current budget. Most likely the majority of your income whether it's your paycheck, child support or both, is going toward housing expenses, child care, food and gas; but what about the "other" categories; insurance, clothing, and entertainment for example? To find out where your money goes, track every expense for at least two-three months. Determine financial pitfalls like an excessive cell phone bill, unnecessary cable channels, or too many dinners out. Make cuts where you can and remember to create a line item for savings. To help you get started enter your expenses in this budget worksheet.

2. Be truthful with your kids...yes, they can handle it.  One of the biggest mistakes I make as a single parent is overcompensating for the loss of my son's father in his day to day life. Yes, he sees his dad occasionally, but I know he misses the daily interaction with him.  I struggle with guilt and sometimes blame myself for him not having his dad around everyday.  To compensate I tend to "spoil"; mostly with extra love and my time, but sometimes with the latest video game or a new toy. It's important to be honest with your kids and let them know if there comes a time you need to scale back. Life happens and sometimes the budget doesn't stretch as far as you need and the "extras" have to go. Help them understand that as part of the family it's their job to help you and that may mean fewer trips to the movies, toy store, or treats at the grocery store.

3. Child care, the expensive necessary evil.  It's no surprise that child care is a necessary expense for most working, single parents and it's expensive! Consider your options carefully when it comes to childcare.
  • Seek the help of family members.
  • Swap childcare with a trusted friend or neighbor.
  • Shop around. Consult Child Care Aware  for a listing of facilities in your area.
4. Take advantage of those tax breaks. If you are a working parent, you most likely qualify for the child-care tax credit.  This credit allows you to deduct a percentage of up to $3,000 in day-care expenses for one child or $6,000 for two or more children. You can visit the IRS website, to find out more about the child-care tax credit and to see if you qualify. 

5. Be insured. No one likes to think about the "what if" but, that's exactly what insurance is for.  Remember it's just you; if you become sick, get in an accident or become disabled who will support your children? Talk with an insurance agent to discuss the right coverage for your family when it comes to life and disability insurance.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your children is take the time to make your finances a priority and be prepared for tomorrow.

Remember, life is unpredictable, but we can try to be as prepared as possible.

Suzanne Cramer is a certified credit counselor and a Social Media Specialist for CareOne Debt Relief Services. Suzanne writes for Divorce, Debt and Finances and Major Life Challenges. Follow Suzanne on Twitter @ADivorcedMom where she shares her insights as a single-divorced mom with tips and tricks to keep your finances in check.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Moms Have More Fun!

This past weekend, I celebrated my 27th birthday in true Mommy Delicious fashion.

I dropped off my kid, grabbed a few friends, and headed to the Asian fusion restaurant, Buddakan in the Meatpacking District. Most popularly noted for a scene in the Sex And The City Movie where Carrie and Big hosted their rehearsal dinner, Buddakan is so friggin' sexy. The ambiance and energy is simply mesmerizing!

The restaurant has a lounge area where we sipped cocktails while waiting for our table. The drinks were good -- and strong! -- and the food was delish!

After my night out, I've come to the conclusion that it's official: Moms have more fun!

Here's why: As Moms, we have  SO MUCH on our already full plates that when we get out... We. Get. Out. And we go ALL out! You know what I'm talking about! Margaritas, mini-dresses, cocktails, stilettos, dinner, dancing, desserts and jokes galore.... we know how to work it! Owwsshhh!

My fashion choices for that night was also quite delicious. After a short debate, I settled on this sweet, sexy, and glam mini-dress from Bebe's... slightly edgy, but so chic!

And the Steve Madden shoes... let's just say that I'm in love!

They are modeled after the Christian Louboutin's that I saw on Lindsay Lohan a few months ago. {Are we still calling her Lindsay or LiLo or LL? I can't keep up anymore!} She wore 'em when she was sentenced to the slammer and shame, shame, shame... that's a horrible way to treat great shoes!

My shoes aren't going to the slammer... just a super sexy night out with some of my fave peeps! I love a good heel. Really, the higher, the better so these 5.5 inches of pure glam was perfection! POW!

Happy birthday to me!

And cheers for good times, as usual.

What are some things you do to show that Moms have more fun?


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