Friday, September 30, 2011

Find Treasures. Sell on eBay. Earn Money. Repeat.

Going forward, can this just be one of our mottos here on this delicious blog? Okay? Thanks.

Earlier this month, I was super ecstatic to reveal to you that I am now apart of the eBay Parent Panel Ambassador Program. I wrote that post live from the eBay On Location Conference in Orlando, FL where I enjoyed a king-sized bed at the DoubleTree by Hilton all by my lonesome. Ahhh...

That part was a little slice of heaven. But I digress...

Day One of the conference included meeting the other Parent Panel Ambassadors, mingling a little (okay, mingling a lot), and letting people know that I'm fun. Literally.

Photo Credit: Tonja Deegan of Airfoil PR
And so it begins...
With Leticia (@TechSavvyMama)
This sign was the beginning of a fabulous night that ended in one too many drunk texts. But you knew that already. And again, I digress...

Of course, there was lot's of learning about the eBay selling process, the loveliness of finding hidden treasures in your home and the importance of repurposing those items. Why is it so important? Uh, you do wanna monetize off of those items, don't cha?

Well, then. Let's make you some more money.

Shall we proceed?

"Yes, indeed."

Six Tips and Tricks to Make eBay Selling Easier:

Start Slow -- There is a learning curve to selling on eBay so start out by selling something that you wouldn't necessarily mind if you don't get the best deal on it. DON'T start out by selling that expensive piece of jewelry your ex gave you. (But feel free to sell it later on down the road.)

Become A Buyer -- eBay sellers should understand buyers' experiences. Learn what your customers might be looking for from your own transactions. PLUS, people are more likely to buy an item from you if you have at least 7 pieces of feedback on the site.

Hone Your Listing Skills -- Learn how to optimize on a few listings for maximum results, as opposed to listing hundreds of items at once. Have an item in mind? Take a look at similar items that are currently on sell and learn from it.

Offer Free Shipping -- This one's a no-brainer. Everyone loves free shipping (not more than free items, though) and it greatly improves your chances of securing a buyer.

Research Pricing -- Look for other items that are similar to the one you're selling in order to understand the approximate value.

Pictures Are Priceless -- Include pictures of the items with your listings. The more pictures, the merrier. Also, take into consideration the lighting and the background of the photos. Remember, your buyers do not have the luxury of trying items on or feeling the fabrics, etc, so you want to be as thorough as possible with your listings.

Ready. Set. Sell. 
What's hot commodity right now?
Fall Fashion -- With the season changing, I've cleaned out Aiden's closet and I'm ready to find 5 of his jeans (all in decent condition) new homes.

Halloween Costumes and Decorations -- I'm ready to find last year's Sexy Sailor Girl costume a new home as well. PLUS, I'm on the lookout for a new costume for this Halloween. And I want it at a discounted price. I would tell you what I'm planning on dressing up as... but then I'd have to kill you. (Kidding).

What are some hidden treasures you're thinking of monetizing off of?

{Disclaimer: As an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador, this post is being sponsored by eBay. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}

Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Date Chronicles with {Part Deux}

Last week, I told you about my new found obsession with the relatively new online dating site, Thanks so much for helping a sista out with the profile. I'm happy to report that I scored a date. Several, actually. Unfortunately, this busy single momma only had time to go on one of those dates. Bummer, I know.

Now remember, is all about getting people to get offline and on dates. The easy-to-fill-in prompt goes: "How about we..." and you fill it in with your best date idea.

My idea? "How about we... take a stroll through The High Line before it gets too chilly outside to do so." My logic was that my date and I could talk a bit and get to know each other a bit... and I could scope out new cuties just in case the date turned out to be a total bust.

But it wasn't.

I managed to get through the date with no fumbles. I think.

I was running 10 minutes late and when I walked up to the corner of 14th street and 10th avenue in NYC's Meatpacking District, there he was. Smiling. He's taller than he seemed in his profile pictures. 6'2" to be exact. I should have worn heels, was the first thought I had to my barely 5'4" self. He's broader in the shoulders and slimmer in the waist than he seemed in his profile pictures. Hmmm... he's cute, was the second thought that I had to my single self.

I smiled and nodded. He smiled and waved. Very smooth greeting. This could be good.

The weather was great -- warm and sunny and perfect for a stroll through Manhattan. Our conversation was good -- we spoke about our summer activities and vacations, our interests, our day job, Facebook (it's totally taking over the world), and his family (not mine, with the exception of Aiden). He was a total gentleman the entire time and halfway through our conversation I figured he seemed... safe. He's than I am. Dude's got 6 years on me. And based on his let-me-tell-you-all-the-important-details-about-myself constant shift in conversation, I figured he may be ready for an actual relationship. I'm not trying to go there just yet.

Still, I tried to keep it light. And fun. And easy-going.

Our date continued and we indulged in delicious ice cream (vanilla flavor for me, cappuccino flavor for him), then drinks (glass of Chardonnay for me and a beer for him). There was laughter. Check! There was smiling. Check! There was a little flirting. Check plus! And then there was the question... "So, what are you looking for in a relationship?" he asked. Ooh no... check minus. 

Really?! On a first date?! Sheesh!

In my humble opinion, the people who ask this question on a first date are the people who do not want to waste their time on more dates with someone who is not looking for the same things as them. How do I get out of this one gracefully? And without fumbling?

"Wow, you're just getting straight to the point, huh?" I say with a chuckle. "I was not at all expecting that question."

"I just thought we should get these questions out of the way," he says. This guy is not playing games. He seems to want to settle down. Sooner than later. Suddenly, he's not looking so cute anymore.

"This is like a job interview with Chardonnay," I quip. "Well..." I proceed to say that I am enjoying the dating process and getting to know different people. I add that once I find someone who is compatible with me and I see potential with them, I would consider dating them with a more serious purpose.

He totally ate it up.

A few days after our date, I got a call from him politely requesting if he can take me out again. So I guess I didn't fumble after all. And I guess the theory is totally true -- if a guy is interested in you, he'll call. Period.

Don't forget that is offering ONE MONTH FREE subscription to help you get back into the online dating game. Simply select "One Month," use the code "FallDating," and get your groove back, Stella! (Please tell me that you totally get the reference.)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Preschooler and Penis Touching Predicaments

Say hello to his little friend!

We've reached the age of male body parts exploration. In public or in private, nothing's off limits.

What is it with boys and their penis? Seriously, is it just me or is there always something going on down there?

Lately Aiden (who is going to be so embarrassed if he ever finds this post and reads it when he gets older) has been spending a lot of time with his hands down there. At home. In private. Outside. In public. At first, I thought he was simply readjusting so I bought him new underwear in a bigger size, but this did not help with his, uh, new habit.

It was totally freaking me out so I did a little research and found that it's totally developmentally appropriate. In fact, he's probably playing with it because, well, it probably feels good. And according to my new best friend,, he's just a curious little boy. Totally normal.

But, still. Aiden's hands are not exactly clean, with all the treasures that he finds outside and whatnot.  And then there are the germs. Let's not forget the germs!

Boys will be boys, is what they say.

I know this doesn't have a sexual connotation at all, but Aiden even wants his penis to be longer. Seriously. One day, I saw him pulling on it and I was so sure that would hurt him, so I told him to stop. Here's a snippet of our conversation:

Me: [A bit mortified] Aiden! Don't pull on your penis!!! (We use the real term for all body parts in this house. No "pee-pees" and "wee-wees" over here.)
Aiden: Why?
Me: Well, I don't want it to hurt you.
Aiden: But I have to pull it.
Me: Umm... why?
Aiden: Because... I want it to be longer.

And there you have it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Use eBay Fashion Outlet to Score Discounted Designer Labels

eBay knows how to take care of our fashion cravings
New York Fashion Week has ended and has left fashionistas everywhere craving for more designer pieces. I am no exception because this week, I've been totally gung ho about the eBay Fashion Outlet. And if you love designer pieces without the designer price tag, you'll be gung ho as well.

The eBay Fashion Outlet, the latest virtual outlet mall, sells brand new items for discounted prices for no specific amount of time. Unlike the traditional eBay that we know and love, the Fashion Outlet doesn't auction anything off and doesn't let users upload their own items. It's simply 24/7 access to a collection of top retailers selling directly on eBay for up to 65% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Sweetness!

The eBay Fashion Outlet allows for you to browse by eBay store or by brand. And the outlet offers a nice selection of brands that are currently in season, so that, you know, you can get your fashion fix and whatnot.

I'm currently in the market for a new bag and I keep thinking of this little gem: The Junior Drake Camden Shoulder Bag. This cute bag in twig is Last Call by Neiman Marcus and it's marked down by 40%.

And what good is fall fashion without a chic fall jacket? This William Rast Women's Robin Biker Denim Jacket is so sexy badass. It's currently marked down by 67%. eBay must know that I'm on a budget.

And since I'm a total sucker for a sexy dress, I've fallen for this little number: The Alexia Admor Ruffle-Sleeve Dress. Again, Last Call by Neiman Marcus in champagne and it's marked down by 51%.

Check out the eBay Fashion Outlet to see if you can score more than a few gems of your own. And please, share the wealth! Let me know if you find anything.

{Disclaimer: I am an eBay Parent Ambassador and this post is sponsored by eBay. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A New Season and New Dating Possibilities with {Part Une}

Fall is in the air, lovelies. And with the last of the sweet summer breeze blowing, comes new beginnings, new opportunities, and new dating experiences. Or so we hope. To me, dating is all about the fun and excitement in getting to know someone new. It’s exploring. It’s sampling. And it’s filled with possibilities…

I was recently invited to review the dating website and I thought it would be a fun way to meet new, hot interesting guys. The website is all about dates. Say something that you’d like to do or a place you’d like to go, and they help you find people who like to do what you like to do. The idea is to get more people offline and on dates. Hopefully good ones. Maybe even great ones.

Setting Up A Profile:
Setting up my initial profile took about 5 minutes. First, I selected my career, education level, my faith and its importance to me (as well as an option to keep this information private), politics and its importance to me, if I have or want kids someday, and my race/ethnicity. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t select more than one option here since I identify as both Black and Hispanic, and felt as though I had to choose between the two. So I chose Black. For obvious reasons, of course.

Then, I moved on to sharing my habits – exercise, drink, and/or smoke – as well as the frequency I engage in each activity. Next, I uploaded my photo, which I could either choose from my desktop or from a Facebook picture. It’s official, Facebook has taken over the world. Lastly, I posted my date idea. 

It goes like this: “How about we…” and you have to fill in the blanks with your awesomest date idea in the hopes that someone might be "intrigued" by it and send you a message.

Here are some of the "funny" ones that I saw:
  • How about we... "Become drinking buddies." [Really guy? Knock it off!] 
  • How about we... "I believe a 1st date should be a quiet dinner in a gourmet restaurant atmosphere. Choice of menu would be left to my date to decide." [I have no comment for Mr. Trying to Hard.]
  • How about we... "Sit quietly and see who blinks first." [I swear, I can't make this sh*t up!]
My Profile:
To set up my complete profile, they gave me a prompt and I had to complete the sentence. Here's a snippet of my profile:
  • I have a weakness for guys who... "Have a sexy smirk."
  • For me, a 1st date no-no is... "Expecting me to pay. Sorry fellas, maybe on the 2nd date, but certainly not the 1st."
  • A story you should remind me to tell you on our first date... "That time in Miami when I... *wink*"
  • One thing my mother would want you to know about me... "She didn't raise no fool. (I hope.)"
  • My life history in five sentences or fewer... " 'Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.' Lover of all things pink... and purple. Perfect combo of sweet and badass. Resilient, hardworking, two-time Columbia University grad. Small girl, big dreams... bring it."
And I used this picture:
Yes, it's my Twitter Avatar: @MommyDelicious

My Thoughts: 
I like that is fun and unique and gives you prompts to help you complete your profile. It's light. It's chemistry. The butterflies-in-my-stomach-oooohhhh-he's-so-cute-AND-we-have-a-similar-date-idea kind of chemistry. That's what dating is to me anyway. And I think that's what makes it different from traditional online dating sites. wants to get you out on dates. Right away. And that can be a good thing.

Although... I can TOTALLY see the point in spending time perusing someone's online profile and engaging in endless hours of online messaging with them: It weeds out all of the creepy people. Just saying...

Your Turn To Get In The Dating Game: is graciously offering Mommy Delicious readers a ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL membership for those of you who want to get back (or join!) the online dating game. Simply use the code: "FallDating" and select "One Month."

So... What do you guys think of my online profile? Should I change anything? Would you date me?

Stay tuned for Part Deux of this post to see if I scored any hot interesting dates! 

{Disclaimer: Thanks to for sponsoring my writing. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ending the Relationship: Facing the Facts and Calling It Quits

I was sitting at Aiden's toddler table across from him. He was eating lunch and I was reading him a story. By then, I'd figure out that one of the best ways to keep the kid seated while eating was to read him some of his favorite stories.

It was a Saturday afternoon and just the night before, Aiden's other parent and I were talking about our upcoming trip/ my friend's wedding in Hawaii. We were more so deciding if I still wanted him to come on the trip than anything else.

The domestic violence incident occurred weeks before and he was being seemingly nice and charming and "loving" -- all the things that classic abusers do oh so well during the fleeting "honeymoon" phase when they are trying to pretend as though nothing ever happened get back into their victim's good graces.

I'd already made up in my mind that it was time to end the relationship.

"So... can I still come to Hawaii with you guys?" he asked.
"Fine. Come to Hawaii, but when we get back, you have to leave."
"Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do?" Seriously?! Isn't it too little too late for the guilt trip?
"Find someplace else to live." I blurted out.

I glanced over at Aiden. He didn't entirely understand the dialogue that was taking place between his parents, but he sensed that something was up. His whole demeanor changed and he started to get increasingly fussy and irritated.

"So... you're just gonna give up?" the other parent asked.
"We're not good together. We're miserable." What I actually want to say is, "I'm miserable," but I was trying to reason.
"It's you! Nothing I do makes you happy. I'm trying really hard and it's not making you happy."

Whoa! Pause.

I wasn't having that discussion. Not again. I could have argued it -- again. I could have gotten defensive -- again. And I could have reminded him of his violent outbursts and temper tantrums -- again. But I didn't.

"You're right, " I said. "It is me. I'm not happy. With you. In this relationship."

Aiden finished the last of his lunch, although I'm sure more of it was on his table than in his stomach. I gathered his plate and cup, and headed towards the sink.

"It's over." I said with one last glance at the other parent.

The next week we all went to Hawaii together. I was a bridesmaid (always a bridesmaid...) and Aiden was a ring bearer in my friend's wedding.

Me (bridesmaid). My friend's cousin (groomsman).

Aiden (ring bearer). Our little friend (mini-bride).

Aiden, getting down on the dance floor.

When we got back the following week, I politely requested that he not unpack his luggage, but simply pack the rest of his things and keep it moving. How does the Beyonce song go again? "To the left, to the left..."

And so he did.

And so the relationship ended. 

Kind of overdue. I mean, I probably should have faced the facts and called it quits weeks prior. But like I previously mentioned, that's not always how it works.

Everything happens on its own time, right?

Truth is, there were way too many downs and not nearly enough ups. I gave it my best shot -- and then some! But it didn't work. So I fold. And sometimes folding totally feels like wining when the stakes are too high and there's too much to loose (ie: my well-being). This was definitely one of those times. Sometimes you just gotta learn when to walk away...

I've definitely had my moments of "This is who I chose to be the father of my child?! This is who I picked?!" But that guilt does nothing but take away energy from me. Energy that deserves to be spent on taking care of Aiden and being positive and living a full -- and fulfilling -- life.

I picked the wrong guy. Maybe I had bad judgment back then. Maybe I wanted or needed to feel loved. Maybe I was too hungover to pick up on the red flags (hey... sh*t happens). Maybe I was too young. Maybe I was too naive...

That's just something that I'll have to live with, but I refuse to dwell on it. There are too many great things that I have yet to accomplish, too many lessons to learn, too many places to visit, too many people to help, too many hearts to touch. 

I have life to live!

So I don't dwell. I just embrace motherhood. Young motherhood, single motherhood, because be that as it may, it's still been pretty freakin' delicious. 

**If this post spoke to you in some way, click the "Like" button. You never know how you may help someone else going through a similar situation.**

{Every few days, I'll get an email or a message from one of you Lovelies asking me something along the lines of "How'd you make it this far as a [happy] single mom?" I've always tried to be transparent with certain parts of my life on here because I want others to see that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. Silver lining. This post was written specifically for a member of the Mommy Delicious community who is going through a similar situation that I went through over a year ago. (Wow... seems like a lifetime ago!). Stay strong, Love. You have an entire community rooting for you. xoxo}

Monday, September 19, 2011

Inside The Zutano Showroom {Momtrends Event Review and Gift Card Giveaway}

During NY Fashion Week, Momtrends hosted a very fashionable and fun event at the Zutano Showroom. After throwing on a mini dress (since I won't be able to wear it again until next summer), I sashayed on over to the West Village to meet up with some of my Blogger friends and Editors. Upon entering the Showroom, I immediately thought, "Can these Zutano pieces be any cuter?!" Totally adorbs!

With Nicole of
Seriously, with their high quality fabrics, and their use of color and graphics -- 35 prints and all sorts of solids -- Zutano is definitely recognized as a leader in children's fashion. The collection ranges from newborn to toddler (4T) clothing with colorful pieces like onesies, shirts, sweaters, hats, dresses, and socks. There is also a nursery portion of the line, which includes playful and trendy bedding, lamps, and hampers.

I absolutely adore that Zutano is a family owned business that is centered around children and believes in employee satisfaction. In fact, employees can bring their babies to work with them for an entire year. Wowsa! Can, I work there?!

Also on deck at the event was Cheryl Murphy, Founder of Mommy Juice Wines, handing out much-needed glasses of red and white wine to attendees. The wine is so delicious and goes down so smoothly that I may have had a glass... or three. But who's counting, right?

Photo from

There was a raffle and I, along with three others, won two bottles of Mommy Juice Wines! Yay! I didn't have a bag to put my gifts in, so after the event, I boldly walked down the streets of Manhattan -- already a little tipsy -- with two bottles of wine in tow. No big deal.

One of the bottles is already finished. It's that delish. And, yes... it was that kind of week!

Thanks so much to the ever stylish Nicole Feliciano (Momtrends Founder and Editor) and the wonderful Zutano staff for hosting such a lovely event!

Because I love you, I'm giving away a $50 Zutano gift card to ONE (1) lucky Mommy Delicious reader. Pretty flipping sweet, huh? Simply visit the Zutano website and tell me what your top two favorite picks are. They're all super cute so I'm sure you'll have a hard time narrowing it down. Then leave one comment letting me know your picks.

Want ONE EXTRA ENTRY? "Like" Mommy Delicious on Facebook and leave a comment saying that you've done so.

Want TWO EXTRA ENTRIES? Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment saying that you've done so.

One winner will be chosen via on Friday September 23rd.

Good luck!

{WINNER: CONGRATULATIONS to YUMMommy! Happy shopping!}

{Disclaimer: Event attendees received a complimentary gift bag. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}

Texting While Drunk

I swear, "Thou shalt not drink and text" is going to be my new motto.

I'm pretty slight. It doesn't take very many cocktails or glasses of wine to get me tipsy. And when the music's playing and the drinks are flowing and the conversations are going... eh! When in Rome...

During my great time at the eBay On Location Conference in Orlando, FL two weeks ago, the drinks were certainly flowing at the after parties (yes, plural). And after a cocktail (or four), I maybe kinda sorta sent a drunk text (or two) to my Yummy friend. Luckily, there were no grammatical or spellings errors in it (it's the writer in me), but I may have sounded extra extra happy. And I may have greeted, "Hiiiiii" instead of a standard "hey," amongst other things. And he may have been on vacation. In another country.

In the grand scheme of embarrassing texts, it was not all that embarrassing. I've certainly had full on heart-to-heart drunk texting conversations with some of my girlfriends in the past. Only to wake up the next morning, nurse myself back to sobriety, re-read them, and say, "Huh?! What on Earth was I talking about?!"

Luckily, this was not one of those times. Whew!

The thing with drunken communication is that it always seems like a good idea at the time. Sweet, even. But the morning after, when the hangover wears off, it becomes apparent that, uh, it was not such a good idea.

Oops. My bad.

Guess that's what the 20's are for -- enduring slightly embarrassing moments and lots 'o growing pains. I've had my share.

Have you?

Anyway, it's always fun when "Drunk Alicia" makes an appearance. Heck, I may even be drunk right now.



Friday, September 16, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker Dishes on Relationships, Mommy Guilt, and Womanhood in Screening and Discussion of "I Don't Know How She Does It."

**This review does NOT contain spoilers.**

All the stars aligned perfectly in this jam-packed week of mine when I was invited by the lovely ladies of Moms And The City -- Denise, Melissa, and Raina to attend an advanced intimate screening of I Don't Know How She Does It, which was followed by a discussion with the author of the best-selling novel of the same name, Allison Pearson, and... wait for it.... Mrs. Sarah Jessica Parker herself.

L to R: Melissa Gerstein, Allison Pearson, Sarah Jessica Parker,
Raina Seitel, and Denise Albert
Now, you may not know this, but I'm obsessed with all things Sex And The City. I have every season on DVD and both of the films, and I watch them religiously. I quote lines from the popular HBO series like it's nobody's business and I can recite every line in every episode without missing a beat. And I can tell you every outfit that Carrie Bradshaw and the gals wore in almost every episode. My name is Alicia and I'm a SATC-aholic. Acceptance is the first step.

Needless to say, you can imagine my excitement to attend this event. And the stars aligned perfectly. Sure, I may have begged my sister to hangout with Aiden for a few hours (and even offered to do her homework assignments for an entire month!), but, you know... it was all for the greater good.

The film was an absolute delight to watch. There were definitely moments when I felt as though the protagonist, Kate Reddy, was telling my life as so much of it resonated with my soul. It's a tough world out there for busy moms -- working and stay at home -- trying to safely and sanely manage it all without making anything fall through the cracks. Sarah Jessica Parker does a fantastic job of depicting the character in a way that I think will really relate to many, many women.

There will be moments when you will laugh, moments when you will cry, and moments when you will do some serious soul-searching, but one thing's for sure, you'll have a good time doing it.

After the screening, we had a heart-to-heart discussion about the film and all the things that make us beautiful women. From mommy guilt (yes, SJP feels it too at times when she is away from her children), to relationships (for SJP, the school year seems to challenge her and Matthew's relationship the most as they try to handle everything with the kids and their academic and extracurricular activities, which leaves little time for romance) to having children in your 20's, 30's or 40's, we discussed it all.

And Sarah Jessica Parker? What a darling! She's cool, comical, and down-to-earth. Oh, and all kinds of sexy. Plus, I love that she is humbled and aware of her many blessings.

I Don't Know How She Does It hits theaters today, September 16th, so try to ditch the mommy guilt (if only for one night), book a sitter (or beg your sister), and make a night of it with the gals. You'll be glad that you did.

Favorite quote from the movie: "Trying to be a man is a waste of a woman." ~ Kate Reddy.

Thanks so much to Moms and the City, The Weinstein Company, and American Express for hosting this lovely event!

{Disclaimer: Event attendees received complimentary gift bags. All opinions expressed herein are my own, but may be affected by the fact that I love SJP. Totally kidding. Sorta.}

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYFW: Spa Week and Fashion Indie Team Up for the Ultimate Beauty Break Room

Because NY Fashion Week is such a crazy busy time for crazy stylish fashionistas, Spa Week and Fashion Indie (one of my go-to online fashion sites) were gracious enough to team up and host a pretty sweet event.

Filled with complimentary cocktails, facials, gel manicures, and massages, the Fashion Indie loft that overlooks Madison Square Garden was transformed into the ultimate Beauty Break Room, and it was THE place to rest and rejuvenate on Day 5 of NY Fashion Week. And since it was also Aiden's first day of Pre-Kindergarten (more on that later) and I was totally stressing about it all weekend long, a little mommy pampering was definitely in order. Needless to say, I was beyond happy to be there.

After downing a cocktail (or three! But really, who's counting?) and discussing all things NY Fashion Week, it was time for my pampering sessions. The gel manicures were provided by Spa Martier and the rule was "anything goes." From sparkles to donuts to sail boats, these ladies, with their bad ass skills, left you with nails fit to make a bold fashion statement. Unfortunately, I'm not that bold. Instead, I settled for pink and prissy and delicious -- Chanel nail polish (#539) and a one-finger design.

The facials and massages were provided by Face to Face NYC Spa and it felt like a little piece of heaven. As soon as I sat down for my massage, my new BFF, @EnriqueSkinCare told me, "your shoulders are so tight." Thank you, Motherhood. 

(And thanks to Spa Week and Fashion Indie for hosting such a lovely event with a gift bag make-up junkies would kill for.)

Luckily, the sweetness didn't end with this event. This week is also the launch of the SPA WEEK FALL 2011 DIRECTORY on! You can begin booking your $50 treatments for Spa Week, which will be October 10th -- 16th. Spa Week's mission is to make the spa lifestyle accessible to ALL, and this Fall, 800 spas and wellness centers in the US are participating and offering 2-3 of their top spa services! Massages, manicures, facials, acupuncture, fitness class packages, eyelash extensions, Botox... take your pick! 

It's advised to book earlier than later so that you can get your preferred treatment and time slot. What treatment are you booking?

{Disclosure: I am apart of the Hot Mom Spa Squad in order to bring you all things related to SPA WEEK. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Five Ways To Give Back To Your Community

Thanks to Walgreens for sponsoring my writing. Help Walgreens help others! Visit their Facebook page here to learn about their charitable partners and decide which cause Walgreens will donate to with a quick vote.

The first time that Aiden and I participated in a community service event together was a very special time for me. It was around the holidays last year and we were invited to a Build-A-Bear Workshop Toys for Tots Holiday Giving Gather event. It was also the first holiday that I would spend as a single mother. And although his other parent was not present, I was determined to show Aiden that he can, in fact, be thankful for his blessings and even share those blessings with others in the spirit of giving.

It was after that magical event that I knew I wanted to participate in more community services events with Aiden. I want to start him off at a young age. After all, you're never too young to meet a need and extend a helping hand, right?

Aiden and I are so blessed to know such lovely people who make our lives full and complete, and if we can reciprocate that by paying it forward, then that's what we'll do. Since partaking in our first community service event, we have done so much more and have had such a great time doing it. Here are five of our fave ways to give back/ community services events:

1.  Read Across America -- This event was absolutely fantastic because it appealed to Aiden and my love of literacy. Held at the New York Public Library, in honor of the National Educational Association (NEA), Target unveiled a 26-foot-tall installation on the steps of the library, which spelled the words, "read." After the celebrity-filled event was over, Target donated 25, 000 Dr. Seuss classics to New York City Public Schools. Sweetness.

2.  Don't have 25, 000 books to donate? No problem! Books For Kids is a great organization that also appeals to a love of literacy. It is a nonprofit organization that promotes literacy among children and their mission is to create libraries, donate books, and partner with literacy programs to help young children develop critical early foundation and skills they need to be successful in life. Needless to say, I love this organization.

3.  Last year, I cleaned out Aiden's closet and then my closet only to find that we had a lot of really great and gently used clothing items. What better way to count our blessings and pass on our cool fashion sense than to donate to Goodwill or our local YMCA? Because that's exactly what we did. And boy did it feel good!

4.  Keeping in line with counting blessings, another way is to take part in a local food drive. Aiden and I have not participated in this together yet (I thought he was too young last year), but I am excited about illustrating to him the importance of not complaining when he's being a picky eater or when he doesn't want to eat leftovers. Just kidding. Sorta. 

5.  I absolutely love supporting companies that donate to people in need, like TOMS. TOMS' One For One Movement states that for every pair of TOMS purchased, they will donate a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Umm... doesn't get much better than this.

Aiden and I are far from rich, but all it takes is one little step to make a huge difference. We're trying to make a difference. We hope you are too.

Don't forget to help Walgreens help others! Visit their Facebook page here to learn about their charitable partners and decide which cause Walgreens will donate to with a quick vote. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

The Wait Is Over: Missoni For Target

Fashion's Night Out was THE night to be out and about in NYC. Except SoHo. SoHo was an absolute madhouse, jammed packed with fashionistas and fashionistos, who were out full force. But up at Bryant Park?

Missoni for Target celebrated the launch of the collection with a 3-day "pop up" store. Pretty sweet for those in the NYC area, huh? But for those of you not in the area, the limited collection will be available starting today, September 13th until October 22nd at all Target stores and

In this collection, Missoni is bringing the famous patterns to women, men, girls, and baby. As if that wasn't enough, the line will also include home goods. Oh yeah! And the price range will be from $2.99 to $599.99, but most items will be less than $40.

Who's ready to shop? I've got my eyes on those throw pillows. Absolutely adorbs!

{Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post.}

Monday, September 12, 2011

Single Mother And Son And Unconditional Love

I was having one of those days. You know, the day where the three-year-old back talk and temper tantrums were at a maximum and my patience and understanding were at a minimum. In fact, all of the coping mechanisms and effective discipline strategies and Psychological Counseling training went out of the window and I was thisclose to pulling my hair out.

There’s no easy way to put this – Aiden was driving me crazy. I was counting down the hours till bedtime. Literally. And I was counting down the days till I would be on a sunny beach in Miami, Florida with my gals. Literally. I needed a mommy break and I needed a vacation, like yesterday.

My trip to Miami was perfection, but as much as I enjoyed my time with the gals, I missed Aiden. A lot. And as lovely and wonderful as the trip was, I was happy to get back to New York City and get back to my son.

My pregnancy was a surprise – the shock of my life. Literally. And life as an unmarried pregnant girl was no crystal stair. When Aiden was born, it took me a while to bond with him and learn how to swim instead of sink as a young mother. There were a lot of trials, but just as many triumphs, and I could not feel more blessed to be called this kid’s mother.

Aiden’s only three-years-old, but he has such an old soul. Sometimes he’ll say something so profound and so wise beyond his years that it leaves me baffled. It’s unfathomable and I’m like, “Gosh damn, did my son just utter those words?!”

Nobody challenges me more than Aiden. Nobody pushes me to work smarter and harder and aim higher. And nobody annoys me more than the kid, either. Nobody pushes my hot buttons more than him. He’s the only one who makes me clench my jaw as I’m talking when I’m pushed pass my limit and just want him to “Get. Over. Here. Right. Now.” 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mommy Delicious Joins the eBay Parent Panel

This post comes to you live from sunny Orlando, Florida where this delicious single mommy is indulging in all things eBay at the eBay On Location Conference. Kick ass conference. Replete with tips, tricks, and tales on how you (and you and you and you) can gain extra income with amazing treasures that you already own in your home.

Pretty sweet, huh?

I've got tons -- tons! -- of information to share with you once I get back to NYC, but for now know that I feel very excited about this opportunity. Ecstatic! Honored! Blessed! And extremely humbled!

As a single mom who's got to hold things down financially, I am always looking for side hustles that'll bring in extra money. How else am I going to feed the kid and pay for my shopping addictions? And I'm sure you have a few addictions of your own that need funding, which is where I'll come in.

And eBay.

As an ambassador of this program, I will be helping you lovelies use eBay as your side hustle to make extra money with things you already own like clothes, toys, tech gadgets, jewelry (okay... maybe not jewelry, but you get my point...).

I'll be selling too! And as always, I'll share my successes, growing pains, and lessons learned with you.

Soon, we'll all be saying it loud and clear: Show me the money!

Stay tuned for the sweetness...

{Disclaimer: As an eBay Parent Ambassador, this post is sponsored by eBay. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}


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