Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giveaway: Logitech Revue and TV Cam

I've done reviews of Logitech products before so you all know that I love their products and working with this company.

As per their website, valued at $299.99, Logitech Revue comes with an easy-to-set-up companion box and an intuitive companion keyboard controller. Just connect your TV and cable or satellite set-top box via HDMI and your high speed Internet connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to the Logitech Revue, and you've got Google TV.

The Keyboard controller that's included let's you find shows, surf the Internet, or adjust the volume. Nice! It combines a compact keyboard, a touchpad, and a remote, which gives you full wireless control over all your entertainment without leaving the couch. Enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon? Don't mind if I do!

As a bonus, I'm including the Logitech TV Cam (pictured below). Yup... you read right! Valued at $149.99, it is the perfect way to get HD video calling on your Logitech Revue.

Win it!

One (1) lovely follower of Mommy Delicious will win the Logitech Revue and Logitech TV Cam... the total package baby!

Just leave a comment to enter the giveaway. You can Tweet about it or post to Facebook for two extra entries, but MAKE SURE to @MommyDelicious in your tweet/Facebook post. Also, make sure to leave the extra entries in a separate comment so that it can be counted.

The giveaway ends TUESDAY APRIL 5TH!

Good luck Lovelies!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Thing Of Beauty

I've always believed in the beauty of things working out for the best, especially when things get hard. I've always looked for the silver lining in situations and counted my blessings with a very "it could be worse" kind of attitude. I've always pushed forward and pressed harder in the hopes that something better will be on the other side.

"Despite gloomy days... and o'er-darkened ways... some shape of beauty moves away the pall."

I was not raised by my biological parents. It was not easy. But I worked really hard in high school because I just knew that there was something better in store for me.

Then something amazing happened. All of the blood, sweat, and tears eventually paid off when I won a New York Times College Scholarship to Columbia University. This only made me trust and believe in the beauty of things always working themselves out for the best. The absolute best.

I felt alone as a young mom so I started this blog. I had ideas about where I wanted this community to go -- even before there was one follower, one comment on a post, or one member of the Mommy Delicious Facebook or Twitter community.

Then something amazing happened. This community continues to grow and be a source of support and inspiration in ways that are truly wonderful.

I danced around my decisions for choosing single motherhood and toyed with the idea of sharing my story here... and here.... and here. Last week, I finally decided to be transparent about my struggles with domestic violence in the hopes of helping someone else.

Then, once again, something amazing happened. My little leap of faith was totally met with an unbelievable amount of love, support, concern, and more sharing by you all. Your stories, your pain, your struggles, your triumphs. The comments, the emails, the Twitter buzz... seriously, you all amaze me.

I cannot say "thank you" enough for all of your kind words. It means more to me than you'll ever know.
Thank you. It just goes to show that pushing forward and pressing harder is truly, truly worth it.

And looking for that silver lining is nothing short of a thing of beauty. And a joy. Forever.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing..."
-- John Keats 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Strolling Around In Style

Here in NYC, transportation is key. And I don't just mean transportation with a car, but with a stroller. For NYC mothers, our strollers have to be able to stand the test of time. They must endure spills, bumpy sidewalks, and crowded streets. They must also fit bags, toys, and sippy cups in them, all while making the kid feel cozy enough to relax and take a nap when deemed necessary.

Aiden is 3-years-old. But we still need his stroller because, let's face it, lifting a toddler, his bag and my bags up and down subway stairs is no fun. At all. And if he falls asleep, he feels extra heavy and I'm stuck carrying him I have to carry him, which is just dreadful.

That's why I was pretty excited to try out the Maclaren Triumph. I've always known that Maclaren lightweight strollers are stellar for younger toddlers, but was super curious as to how it would fare with an older, rambunctious toddler like Aiden.

I've worked with Maclaren before and I've reviewed Maclaren products before. It's a brand that I know and trust. And I must say, the Maclaren Triumph did not disappoint.

It arrived ready to use -- all I had to do was clip on the hood and we were set. Aiden was so excited and exclaimed, "This is so nice!" Love at first site? I think so!

Our first few days, we took it all over NYC with us. We were strolling in style. Smooth and comfortable.

I like that the Maclaren Triumph is narrow enough to fit easily in subway cars without getting in other people's way and pissing them off each time they try to make a run for it when leaving one train and trying to catch another train across the platform. It's not a pretty site when a stroller gets in the way of an aggressive passenger. Believe me, I've been there. I know.

While there is a strap that helps to lift the folded stroller, when taking the subway, I found that it was easier for me to lift the stroller using either the handle bars or one of the side bars instead. Wearing the straps on my shoulders just did not work as well for me, possibly because I'm short and the stroller is almost the same size as me. But hey...

On our trip to the supermarket, I was able to fit two grocery bags in the strollers' storage basket, but not without asking Aiden to lean forward first. Once I placed the bags in the storage basket, he was able to sit comfortably and all was well in Toddler World. I am happy to report that even with the two grocery bags in the storage basket, and my bags on the handle bars, the Triumph still rode smoothly.

By the way... I'm pretty sure the handle bars are not supposed to be used to carry a supermarket shopping cart, but what's a single mom to do?

As you know, we recently took a little trip to Disney World, and we brought along our Maclaren Triumph. Throughout our trip, Aiden napped in his stroller, and by the look of it, he was quite comfortable and content.

And when he was awake, the fun was on! Big time!

All in all, we have been very pleased with our latest mode of transportation. It pretty much has everything that we need. And this is how we roll, baby!

Here are some more key features of the Maclaren Triumph:

  • compact umbrella fold
  • 5-point harness 
  • washable seat -- after multiple spills and accidents, this is definitely a MUST!
  • rain cover included
  • water resistant hood
  • weighs 11.5 pounds
  • can be used from birth and carries up to 55 pounds -- that's well over 3-years-old!
  • multiple-position recline -- nice touch for a tot who naps!
Visit the Maclaren website for information on all other baby gear that they carry. Also, "like" Maclaren on Facebook or follow Maclaren on Twitter to keep abreast with their latest and greatest products.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the Maclaren Triumph for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Post I'm Not Supposed To Write

I never intended on being a single mother. I've always pictured myself married with children, not single with a child. Even when I met a guy, did the deed, and unexpectedly became pregnant, I still had an image of what my "happily every after" would look like.

I could write about all the fantasies I had of the three of us living-it-up in NYC or skipping through fields in the suburbs or being one little happy family. But not today.

Today, I take a leap of faith.

Today, I look fear in the face and push forward.

Today, I write to help someone else heal and move forward.

To the outside world, everything was seemingly perfect -- an attractive young couple raising the cutest baby ever. It was good.

Until it wasn't. And sweet turned sour. And... I found myself in an abusive relationship.

One out of four women has experienced intimate partner violence in her lifetime. 

There I was, strangled until I passed out on my bedroom floor. Twice in one night. Because I said the wrong thing, crossed the line in his eyes, and had gotten him upset.

I remember it like it was this morning. It was August. I was wearing my former favorite jeans. And he, he had a monstrous look on his face.

The more I cried and yelled for help in between the assaults, the harder he strangled. The more I begged and pleaded for it to end, the angrier he became.

I was not allowed to leave my apartment that night. My cellphone was confiscated and I was held hostage. A prisoner in my own home, so to speak. Apparently he feared for what might happen to him. How ironic!

As I sat on my balcony the next morning wrapped in a thick comforter, chills ran down my spine despite the warm Summer breeze that was blowing. My neck hurt and pained from the events that took place just hours before, but I never felt so blessed to be alive. I'd made it through the night, I survived the terror. That's all that mattered.

Could this be real?, I thought. Am I in an abusive relationship? What will happen to Aiden? How will I explain all of this?

So many thoughts, so many questions, so many concerns. But I remained silent. Embarrassed. Ashamed.

Nearly three out of four Americans know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence.

For weeks, I couldn't look my neighbors in the eye when we greeted each other at the elevator. I knew they heard my screams that night. Believe me, they were loud enough. But in the light of day, I remained silent. That's what shame does to a person.

I'm not supposed to talk about this. For some reason, it's too taboo. But maybe, just maybe, if people dialogued about it, it would make it easier.

I'm not supposed to "bad mouth" my ex because of the mere fact that he's my son's father -- at least that's what many of the Psychologists out there say. My sweet little Aiden shares half of his DNA and somehow speaking "badly" about him equates to speaking badly about my precious child.

But I'm tired -- so tired -- of keeping it a secret.

Because silence can kill.

Most cases of domestic violence are never even reported. 

The abuse didn't end with that infamous night. I left. He cried. He promised to get help. I took him back. And needless to say, a few months later there was another incident. He strangled. I passed out. This time thrice in one night.

Again I found myself moments away from slipping into a comma. Or death. Again I found myself thinking, just make it through the night; just make it through the front door; just make it somewhere safe; just survive... Aiden needs you to survive. 

After that, I realized that there's got to be more to life and love. So I left. For good. And although a part of me hated him in those moments, part of my healing process has been to release those feelings. To forgive him. For myself. For my Aiden.

But the silence almost killed me. And I still suffer from the post traumatic stress. But here I am. Talking. Writing. Sharing. Healing.

If you've never shared a Mommy Delicious post before, today is your day. Be brave with me. Break the silence with me. Share with me. Share this. On Facebook. On Twitter. Because silence only gives more power to the abusers and allows shame to dwell in the hearts of the victims. Let's talk. Let's take their power away.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Tough Part Of Being A Single Mom

Last week I took Aiden to the happiest place on Earth -- good 'ol Walt Disney World. If you're apart of the Mommy Delicious community on Facebook or keep up with the deliciousness on Twitter, then you may already know this. If you're not, then go get you some of that! Pronto.

Throughout the week, I tweeted and posted about some of our favorite adventures -- Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Cirque du Soleil at Downtown Disney, the resorts' hot tub, and ferry rides galore. We had an amazing time.

But getting through five days in Disney World with a toddler wasn't easy. At all. Like when he was sleepy at Animal Kingdom and in the middle of his tantrum, kept taking off his shoes and throwing them. Until I finally got the hint and took them away from him.

Or when he came thisclose to peeing on himself after I JUST took him to the bathroom and thought he got it all out. Apparently he did not.

Or when we were at the resorts' bus stop, ready to board and head off to Epcot, and he insisted that he was cold. So we got off the line to go back to our room for his sweater. It was not fun waiting for the next bus to come.

But this scenario is the worst. I'd just ordered our lunch at Animal Kingdom. I was hot. And tired. Aiden was also hot and tired. As I carried our lunch on a heavy tray from one end of the outdoor restaurant all the way to the other end of the restaurant, I kept looking for a table for us to sit and looking down to make sure Aiden was walking next to me. Multi-tasking at it's finest. When we got to the other end of the restaurant, I watched as Aiden attempted to pick up his hot dog and DROPPED it, by accident of course. I think I let out a huge sigh at that point as I tried to release my obvious frustration.

I don't say this to put a damper on our trip. We had a fantastic time. But like I said, it was not easy. At all. I learned to put on my big girl pants and single mom shoes and work it. Big time. I learned to think fast, plan strategically, and have several jokes on hand to make the kid laugh.

Some people thought I was nuts for taking Aiden to Disney World. Truth is, I could have given him a picture of Buzz Lightyear, who is one of his favorite Disney characters, or popped in his Toy Story DVD and he may have been just as delighted.

But I want my kid to have as many experiences as possible, even if he grows up in a single parent household.

It's just us two and it's up to me to ensure that come heck or high water, Aiden's life will be lovely. His life already is lovely. Because I'm his Mother. And I make sure of that. And I'll continue to make sure of that.

You better believe it.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Guest Post: Dealing With Debt

Today we have another guest post from Suzanne Cramer, certified credit counselor. She's kicking knowledge about ways to effectively deal with debt. Love! Enjoy delicious folks!

There comes a time in many of our lives where we realize we are in over our heads, financially speaking. Maybe it was due to divorce or the end of a relationship leaving us single parents--with more money going out than coming in. We come to the conclusion we need to do something about our debt, but what?

There are several options when it comes to debt relief and one of them is right for you, your situation, and your family. Making the decision to tackle your debt head on is never easy, but you do have options. Let’s take a look…

·      Do-It-Yourself with Debt Payment Pro. Debt Payment Pro is a FREE tool that can help you pay down your debt. Enter simple information about your debts. Based on your debts Debt Payment Pro will calculate your possible savings. Then follow your personalized repayment schedule to pay off your debt more quickly and save on interest. It can become easy to send just the minimums and not reallocate payments to other creditors. This approach will require discipline and close attention to your payments.

·      Debt Management Plan. Debt Management Plans, which are often called DMPs, are plans that allow debt relief providers to work directly with creditors to secure benefits. These benefits, which vary by creditor, typically include reduced interest rates, lower monthly payments, and waived fees such as late fees and over the limit fees.

·      Debt Settlement Plan. Debt Settlement is an attractive alternative to bankruptcy for those who want to pay back at least a portion of their debt, but cannot afford the Debt Management Plan payment, and have stopped paying their unsecured creditors. With Debt Settlement, you make monthly deposits to a Settlement deposit account in an amount you can afford. You do not make monthly payments to your creditors, and your provider works to negotiate with your creditors for a less-than-full repayment. When settlements are reached with creditors, settlement payments are paid from the Settlement deposit account. There are definitely pros and cons to using Debt Settlement to pay off your debt.

·      Bankruptcy. If your financial situation leaves you unable to pay back even a portion of your debt, you may want to explore whether a bankruptcy makes sense for you. We will review your situation and if bankruptcy appears to be appropriate, we will connect you with a national law firm to help walk you through your bankruptcy options.

Still not sure or need help deciding? Please feel free to contact us to speak with a Certified Credit Counselor who can help.

Suzanne is a certified credit counselor and a Social Media Specialist for CareOne. Suzanne writes for Divorce, Debt and Finances and A Straight Talk on Debt blogs. Follow Suzanne on Twitter where she shares the latest debt industry news and tips to keep your finances in check with her ADivorcedMom and AskCareOne accounts.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Single Moms Learn To Save Money

I'm on vacation this week. That's right, this Single Momma is spending some quality time with her son in good ol' Disney World. Best place on Earth, baby. But I couldn't just leave ya'll hanging. So here's a guest post from Suzanne Cramer, a single Mom and certified credit counselor who's teaching all of us a thing or two about saving money. Enjoy!

Being a single mom is tough. I speak from experience; my son’s father and I divorced when he was two years old, I remarried when he was six and I am currently going through my second divorce a year later. So I have been a single mom for the majority of his life. No one can express how extremely difficult it is to raise a child on your own, let alone manage your finances, or heaven forbid save money for your future.

Let’s look at the reality of it all:
·      The days are long
·      There are never enough hours in them
·      You sometimes have to play the role of mom and dad
·      You struggle to pay all the bills
·      The extra cash to “spoil” yourself never seems to be there
·      Kids are expensive
·      Saving money seems impossible!

As I face the realities of being a single mom one thought is always in the back of my mind, “I want the best for my son, and part of that is saving for his future.” Saving money for anything is extremely difficult for a variety of reasons.
·      I don’t have a lot of money left over after paying all my bills.
·      I want to remain debt free (with the exception of my mortgage and car loan)
·      I want to give him the childhood I had; the ability to participate in extra-curricular activities, experiences like amusement parks, vacations, and magical Christmas mornings.

Along the way I have learned some tricks of the trade to save money on a daily basis, leaving a few extra dollars to sock away at the end of the month. Take a look and see if they will work for you, and give them a try they just might work for you too!

Saving money you never knew you had

1. Take a hard look at where your money goes (Budget)
2. Find clever ways to live on less

Number one is easy; take the time to develop a realistic budget. Knowing what you have coming in and what is going out each month will give you the information you need to make some changes.

To help you get started try the budget worksheet below:
Budget Planner

Number two requires a little bit more thought, but you would be surprised just how much you can save by making a few small changes. Here are a few ways I have found to make budget cuts and save those “extra” dollars without sacrificing too much.

Budget Cuts

·      Buy used…new is overrated. My son grows out of clothes and gets bored with toys more quickly than I can bat an eyelash. To keep up I accept ALL hand-me-downs even if it is not something I would typically buy. I shop for clothes and shoes a season or two ahead when everything is on major clearance. Consignment shops are great; you can “sell” gently worn items to them for cash or credit in the store, giving you the ability to “shop” for clothes you pick.
·      Become a frugalista. Use coupons at the grocery store, shop with a list, and visit coupon sites like Retail-me-Not for non-food purchases you must make.
·      Cut out the non-essentials. Latté’s, manicures, and weekly trips to the movie theater are surefire budget busters. Instead paint your own nails (or have a friend do it for you), brew your own great coffee, and have movie night at home with Redbox, microwave popcorn, and homemade snacks.
·      Don’t pay unnecessary fees. constantly overdrawing your checking account or missing credit card payments lead to fees; this is like tossing money right out the window. Keep a careful eye on your account balance and utilize payment reminders so you never pay late fees.

Saving the “extra” dollars

·      Save it before you miss it. Make saving “automatic“. The less effort you have to put forward or remember the easier it will be to save. Instead of consciously deciding to save money each month, set up automatic deposits into your savings account. Ask your bank to establish an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account. Or sign up for an online savings account like ING or Smartypig.
·      Contribute to your company’s 401K. Most companies offer a match-“free” money. You can’t afford not to contribute even if it’s just a small percentage. Retirement may seem far off now but not being prepared will make your golden years extremely difficult.
·      Get a piggybank. These are not just for kids! Save your spare change or dollar bills; then once a month deposit the “extra” cash in your savings account.
·      Save your windfalls. Single moms often receive a ton of tax breaks and as a result receive sizeable tax refunds. Unless you have an emergency or a ton of credit card debt to pay off--save it! Money gifts or overpayment checks are unexpected surprises use them to pad your savings.
·      Give your savings a “raise“. If you are up for a raise consider giving the boost to your savings. Have that amount direct deposited to your savings; you won’t miss it and you can live on your previous salary.

No one said single parenting was going to be easy and saving money for you and your children’s future will definitely be challenging, but you can do this, I promise!

What are your saving “tricks”? 

Suzanne is a certified credit counselor working and a Social Media Specialist for CareOne. Suzanne writes for Divorce, Debt and Finances and A Straight Talk on Debt blogs.  Follow Suzanne on Twitter where she shares the latest debt industry news and tips to keep your finances in check with her @ADivorcedMom and @AskCareOne accounts.

Friday, March 11, 2011

This Co-Parenting Thing...

I've written about the stresses of this co-parenting thing before -- over on The Young Mommy Life.

This co-parenting thing? This thing, is not easy.

Not in the least.

I am not even close to being the perfect co-parent. It has been an uphill battle, and one that knocks me down quite frequently.

But I keep striving. And I keep pushing. And when I feel as though I've screwed something up or I'm not cut out to be a co-parent, I try to strive and push even more. Aiden deserves that much.

Read the rest of this post over on MyCare One, where I have been asked to offer my two-sense on this whole single mother thing. Let me know what you think by leaving some comment love -- am I in over my head with co-parenting or am I capable? How do I continue to leave the space in Aiden's life open for his dad? 

All smart opinions welcomed!


Monday, March 7, 2011

The First-Ever Brooklyn Baby Expo

All my Brooklynites and those in the NYC area, man have I got a treat for you! It's epic, ya'll.

I'm super excited to announce A Child Grows in Brooklyn Baby Expo, which will take place Sunday March 13th from 11am -- 4pm at Brooklyn's LEED Building, Toren.

There's something for the entire family -- mini-workshops, demonstrations, shopping, raffles and seminars. Delicious parents can enjoy manicures, blow-outs, and a fab Nursing Lounge, while the kiddies can enjoy Tummy Time, Baby Yoga, a cute new hair cut, and fun and games in the B. Playful room, which will have lots of B. Toys.

Registration is $35.00 and the first 250 families to register will receive a gift bag filled with fab finds (valued over $100.00).

Check out the fliers below and then register at 

Hope to see you there!


Friday, March 4, 2011

He Gets It From His Momma -- The Love of Reading

Thanks to the makers of Pine-Sol® for sponsoring my writing. A study shows a clean smelling home can help children succeed, so Pine-Sol® is supporting Reading is Fundamental (RIF) this year. Click "Like" on Pine-Sol®’s Facebook page here and they will donate books to RIF!

On any given day, if you were to listen to a conversation between Aiden and me, you'd hear descriptive words such as, "humongous, hilarious, miniature, amazing," to name a few. And these days, you'd hear 'em coming mostly from Aiden.

Cute, right?

What strikes me the most as I reflect on conversations that I've had with my 3-year-old little man, is that these words are apart of his regular vocabulary. They've become commonplace to him. He has grown to use them on a regular basis.

"I apologize" replaces "I'm sorry."
"Humongous, enormous, gigantic" replaces "big."
"Miniature, teeny tiny" replaces "small." 
"Snooze replaces "sleep." (I think this one is kinda weird, but kinda funny too...).
"Angry, upset" replaces "mad."
"Beautiful" replaces "pretty."

You get the point. I could go on and don't mean to brag, but it amazes me that, at 3-years-old, his vocabulary is broad enough that he can switch things up when he wants to use another word. 

And there's only one way to explain how he learned these new words: Reading. 

And not just reading books, but discussing them too. Why does he look so angry? Look how excited she is! What do you think is going to happen next? What was your favorite part? Why? Why do you think that happened? Is there another way to say that? These are just some of the questions I ask him. 

I have always had a passion for reading. I've written about the before. I've always loved the idea of getting so lost and so caught up in a book -- the storyline, the character's lives, the problems, the solutions, the life lessons. I've always loved the fact that there were so many words ready to change some part of me and help me grow in some way... if I only let it. 

And I always aim to instill my love of literacy in Aiden.

I remember once when I took Aiden along with me to visit my Godmother in her classroom. She was a kindergarten teacher at the time, and the kiddies were thrilled have a baby visitor. Aiden was 16 months at the time, and one of the first things we did was head over to the classroom library, grab a book that was bigger than him, and sat on a chair to "read" it. This delicious Momma couldn't have been prouder. Check him out. Isn't he just too cool for school?!

Despite many of the insecurities I felt as a young mommy, I must have been doing something right. And that "something" began way before Aiden was born. For my baby shower, I remember asking each guest to bring a copy of their favorite children's book in addition to something off of my registry. I wanted to get a head start on building Aiden's library, and hey, books can get expensive.

I was so thrilled by the fabulous books we received! Since then, I've requested books for Aiden's birthday and Christmas gifts. So his library collection keeps on growing. Amaze!

This makes it harder for him to choose just two books to read at bedtime. The kid's even gotten me to extend bedtime by a few minutes just so I can read another book to him. I'm a sucker like that. And he knows it. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

We read together all. the. time. And not just children's books. Magazines, newspapers, random signs on the subway -- they're all fair game. I love it that I can show him how important reading is by modeling to him that I read just because... Merely for pleasure.

But I love it even more when I see him reading, just because... and merely for pleasure. I love to hear him use the same tone, excitement, and verbalization that I used when I originally read the story to him. I love when he compares something in real life to something in a story we read a few days ago. "Mommy, that's like in my book when [insert appropriate scenario here]." 

Moments like these -- when I catch him reading to his puppy -- warms my heart and lets me feel as though I am succeeding as his Mother.

And moments like these -- when he reads to himself -- makes me oh so proud.

He gets it from his Momma! And you gotta love it. 

What are some things you do at home to help your children achieve?

Don't forget to click over to Pine-Sol®'s Facebook page to support our children's success. I was selected for this Pine-Sol® sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This too Shall Pass

I haven't been a very consistent Blogger this week. I make no apologies for it. Grad school is currently kicking my a$$ and sucking the life out of me. Between this 30-page paper looming over my head, midterms, and a group project on the horizon, I'm a little on the overwhelmed side.

And then there's Motherhood. Sweet Motherhood. Trying to find a good pre-kindergarten for a kid in NYC is like close to impossible. I'm beginning to think that I have to donate an organ or something to get my kid in a good program. Sigh.

But, as always, this too shall pass.

Thanks so much for everyone who kicks it with me on this here place and space on the Internet. You all rock! As eloquent as I'd like to think that I am, right now I don't even have the vocabulary to tell you how much you mean to me. All I can say is "thank you."

Oh yea, and announce the winner of The Logitech Revue. Chosen via, the winner is...

Cheryl E.


Please provide me with your contact information.



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