Friday, November 30, 2012

No Judgement Day

{mimosas and OJ at Sunday brunch}
I have no contact whatsoever with Aiden's other parent. Neither does Aiden -- none at all.

But that's old news; you knew that already. I've spoken about it so many times before on this site. Today, I'm speaking about it over on REDBOOK Magazine.

I've been judged for my decision not to co-parent too many times before. But every time I see that Aiden is healthy and happy, my decision to do what's best for my son (and myself) is confirmed. I chose happiness. And safety. And that makes all the difference.

Check out my article on REDBOOK and feel free to share it as well.

I know, I know... I'm still pimping myself.


  1. Great post as always, Alicia. This is something I struggle with because my son's father has also chosen to be MIA. It's also complicated by the fact that he lives in another state. I've always reached out because I never wanted anyone to say I kept them apart. However, I can only do so much. So here's to solo single parenting! Our sons are awesome!

  2. We single moms only want what's best for our kids- even if that means saying no to co-parenting. You are doing a great job raising Aiden by yourself, why complicate things by putting his father in the picture, right?

  3. LOL go head and pimp yourself girl, no one over here is mad about that. *Heads over to Redbook post*

  4. Pimp on pimpin' lol...

    That is a GREAT article (content, well written...all of's hard to see that nowadays). But that article also matches my life to a T. My child's sperm donor is the exact same way when it comes to MIB (My Intelligent Beauty aka my daughter)...I tried to get him involved and he refused...and you know what that IS fine...she's better off without him. And like you, i can't be her father BUT I have great family members and friends that are in my circle that are 1000 times better role models that he will ever be.

    Good luck and again great article!


  5. I read that article and loved it. Everyone close to me that knows my situation actually agrees with my decision. But those that don't, I really don't care how they feel or what they think about this situation. I've learned to not care a long time ago and it was one of the best decisions I could have made.

  6. Headed over to check out the post! You're doing a beyond fabulous job of raising Aiden. And I commend you for making a difficult but necessary decision to ensure that you both have a safe, healthy and happy future!!

  7. You are such an awesome mom/parent...some people don't always choose what's in the best interest if their child!!! Kudos A!!

  8. I hear you. Sometimes you have to do what you feel is right, no matter what!! Keep it up gal!


  9. Will check it out, lol, aint nothing wrong with a little self pimpin.


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