Monday, December 3, 2012

{Personal Style} Spiked Wedge Sneakers

{sneaker: Aldo; denim: GAP}
I've been loving on wedge sneakers ever since Beyonce was first spotted in them while holding Blue Ivy somewhere in New York City. And with good reason -- they're fabulous!

{Mojitos galore. And my friend M's sad, sad diet coke.}
This weekend I fully embraced the fabulosity as I donned them in a very casually chic look for ladies night at a cuban restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. I paired them with dark denim jeans, a purple blouse, and leopard print cardi, which added a pretty trendy touch.

[blouse, cardi, necklace: H&M; belt: Banana Republic]
The sneakers are quite comfortable and I loved that it adds 3 inches of height to my 5'4" frame. (You know how I feel about my heels!) Basically, these are my latest obsession and I'm in love!

{photo bomb by Aiden. Check out his new hair cut!}

The pictures are super blurry. (#iPhonefail). But... what do you guys think of the shoes? Lovely, eh?

Hope you all have a very stylish week!


  1. Me likey the shoes! I just bought some too. Can't wait to rock them! You're giving me some outfit inspiration.

  2. I love them and I had originally planned on getting some but never got around to it. Perhaps I'll make this a Christmas gift for myself.

    A is adorable with his haircut. He's all grown up.

    Glad you had a fabulous weekend!

  3. I have been eyeing them but wasn't sure if I wanted them. I like them so much and I think that will be a birthday gift to myself.

  4. I had never seen wedge sneakers before, but they do look super fabulous and really comfortable. What a hip look, too!

  5. shuddddup with those shoes!

    ps so proud of your maxi score
    Xo Megan,

  6. you two are a match made in style heaven!

  7. Hi, Alicia! It's been a while and I know I've missed a bit and will try to catch up :) You look so young in the pictures! I guess casual agrees with you in that way but I also love you glammed up! Aidan is so cheeky!

    Hugs and kisses from :

  8. I love those shoes! Reminds me to treat myself to a nice pair this Christmas :)

  9. I just got a pair of wedge sneakers and I ADORE THEM! So comfortable and the little wedge gives you sexy calves! YOu look so cute!

  10. The shoes are great but the pic with you and your little man is awesome!

  11. Your little man is ADORABLE! He's getting his pose

    And I'm on the fence about those shoes...but I am 5'10 with height issues lol. I'm going to have to check those out


  12. Girrll, those shoes...that cardigan! Just lovely!!

  13. So cool spiked wedge sneakers, did you buy it at

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