Friday, November 16, 2012

One of The Biggest Things Motherhood Has Taught Me Is...


Well, it's not that I was not a humble person before having a kid. I was. At least I'd like to think that I was. And still am.

It's just that I am stubborn. Really stubborn. And I'm self-sufficient. Really self-sufficient. I've been independent and have taken care of myself for a very long time and I always just know that I can do... just about anything. Alone.

A 40-page paper for grad school? No worries, I got it.

An insanely stressful and time-consuming project at work? Oh yeah, you can count on me to do it. Alone.

Work for nine hours and then go home to be Super Mommy to Aiden? You bet!


Throughout the years, I learn time and time again that while I can multitask like it's nobody's business and do it well, I can not do it all. I cannot be in three places at once. I cannot compete with the energizer bunny and keep going and going and going without some type of a break. I'm... human.

So I've learned to be humble enough to ask for help when those times arise. Case in point: I'm not able to pick Aiden up from school today. Neither is his sitter. So... I emailed the parents in his class to see if any of them will be able to host an impromptu playdate with Aiden and their kid. It took a lot out of me to compose that email, but I did it. And you know what? Several of them replied saying they would love to have Aiden over today and that I could pick him up from their house once I leave work.

And I am ever grateful.

And humbled. By this experience. By Motherhood.

I need help sometimes. And you know what? Realizing this doesn't make me weaker; it makes me wiser.


  1. Your I-can't-do-it-all posts always come at the right time. I love it. Sometimes I find myself frustrated or mad for nothing. It's totally because I need a break! I need to ask for HELP. My little sister notices last night and even offered assistance. Stupid me was too proud to take it. I guess I was embarrassed that she sensed my frustration. I will be calling her today!

  2. Couldnt agree more. I have been reading your blog and following your Facebook for the past 20 months ((My Aiden will be 21 months on the 28th)) and I thank you for so much.

  3. Good insight. It is a calming feeling when you are able to call on someone for help.

  4. Amen! Motherhood can truly change the way we handle life. Enjoyed the blog.

  5. We all need help sometimes whether we like to admit it or not. I agree that humbling ourselves to ask for it is very wise indeed. I'm learning to do this more and more.

  6. So true Alicia. Motherhood made a wonderful change in my life too.


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