Monday, November 19, 2012

{Guest Post} A Mom's Guide to Staying Trendy

Written by Paul Taylor

Your main concern is no longer what is stylish and what’s in trend but rather when the next time your baby will need its next feeding. But every now and then, we mommas want to look nice and keep up with the seasons must have looks. Your time and money is dedicated to this beautiful bundle of joy, so here are some tips to help you look and feel good when you want to:

Jewelry: Those cute long necklaces and chandeliered earrings are not baby friendly. Imagine a slight tug on those earlobes, ouch! It’s a good thing that studs and small necklaces are in this season. Find a sturdy pair of studs in a neutral color that you can wear all season long like a pearl, charcoal or tortoise shell color. Leave the long draped necklaces and find a short necklace with a very small attached pendant. Think cross, heart, anchor or simply your child’s name.
Quick tip: Skip the bangles and watches for now, you don’t want spit up incrusted watches or bangles snagging baby diapers. 

Makeup: Man you thought you were tired before the baby. HA! Exhaustion is just another thing that moms can’t seem to get around. You don’t have time and energy to put on your full face so use the basics to boost your already natural new mommy glow. Dab some concealer under your eyes, a light powder on your nose and a 3-in-1 color stick for your cheeks, lips and eyes. Super easy and a huge time saver and for a night out, don’t forget the mascara!
Quick tip:
Brush on some highlighting gel on to your cheeks, inner corner of eyes and hair line to give you that extra punch.Don’t want to put in the effort for an evening out, just add red lips, very trendy and sexy! 

Hair: Being a stylish mom doesn’t mean you have to cut your hair off to save yourself time and possible hair pulling. If you have long hair, try braiding a thick and messy side braid or wearing a sock bun. These looks keep the hair out of face while keeping you in trend this fall. For the shorter hair mama’s: soft head bands are great for those flyaways and messy bangs you haven’t had time to get a trim for.
Quick tip: Buy some dry shampoo and spray in between showers to keep your hair looking fresh and polished; then throw it in a sleek and voluminous pony. 

Shoes: Your feet may still be swollen and not ready for heels, besides, who wants to carry their baby around in 6 inches of pain? Flats in bright jewel toned colors are popular and comfy for anyone-think royal blues, mustards and eggplant colors. Non-heeled boots are easy on the tootsies and very cute when paired with comfy leggings!
Quick tip: Consider buying flats a half size big, until your feet return to normalcy. 

Outfits: The goal for any new mom is to wear something that is comfortable, easy to change in and out of, while keep a flattering look on your post baby body. Invest in to some comfy stretch jeans or jeggings in neutral colors and find button up tops that are full of fun prints and color. Basic cotton outfits are the best for washing purposes when your little one decides to share his or her lunch milk. Quick tip: Grab a few light weight machine washable scarfs that you can throw on to change up your look in a moment’s notice! 

About the Author: Paul and his wife Julie both spend quite a bit of time coming up with ideas, blogging, and researching all things related to childcare through “”.


  1. Great tips...I definitely needed this today!!!

  2. I like the Quick Tips. Great for busy moms!

  3. I admit to sometimes forgetting to prettify myself, what with all the mommy duties on my hands. I especially like your tips about hair. A head band can quickly up one's style :)

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