Monday, November 26, 2012

{Personal Style} Thanksgiving, School-Girl Style

[shirt, faux fur vest, neck bow tie: H&M;
skirt: thrifted; socks: F21; backpack: AE;
suede wedges: Steve Madden]

Aiden and I stayed home this Thanksgiving holiday and my sister and niece came over for a potluck dinner. After a morning run, I headed home to make my portion of the meal, which came out surprisingly good. (*Pats self on the back*). I'm getting better at this cooking thing. Too bad I hate slaving over a hot stove I'm not a big fan of cooking.

[fall leaves; old kicks; 2.5 mile run.]

Since I was indoors most of the day, I broke out the tweed mini skirt! Paired with a chambray top, a loose neck bow tie, and faux fur vest, I was good to go!

I've been crushing on over-the-knee socks all season long and have been wearing them with pretty much everything, including this outfit. Since it had a very "School Girl-esque" feel to it, I threw in the backpack, just because. And, of course, my top knot goes with everything!

All in all, Thanksgiving was low-key and wholesome -- just what this single momma needed to rest, rejuvenate, and prep for the rest of the Holiday season.

[almost the end of the night. relaxed.]

Only 29 more days till Christmas. Oye! That's totally cray cray!

Have a stylish week!


  1. girl you are FABULOUS in so so many ways! XOXO Happy Holidays..Valerie

  2. You look great! LOVE your vest :)

    With Love,

  3. You look super cute! Love the fit!!

  4. Love the outfit, sweet but sassy at the same time. My fav hair style is the top bun too. Ha ha, it does go with everything!

  5. the shoes, the shoes, the shoes! I love the shoes!

  6. I keep trying to tell myself I can rock this look. The problem: Me and these uber long legs. I fear I may look like a hooker. LOL! You, on the other hand look like a rock star!

  7. yassss! Love it! This gave me life! :)

  8. Yes ma'am that entire outfit is absolutely ADORABLE...makes me wish I was a little younger and a little littler lol to wear that.

    (mental note to bring sneakers to work and get on the treadmill lol)...


  9. CUUUUTE! I think I need to find me a neck tie. I am loving that look

  10. Girl, can you please stop looking this good ALL the time? SHeesh! ;-)

  11. LOVE the entire outfit! So well put together!! Happy Holidays!


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