Saturday, November 3, 2012

Expressing Gratitude, eBay Style

 I remember one of my first purchases on eBay. I'd been looking for a cobalt blue blazer for some time, but didn't have any luck finding one that I loved (and that was in my price range).

Then, I checked eBay. And after a few clicks and a bit of perusing, I found a new love. There's no doubt about it: when it comes to fashion finds, eBay has come through for me. Several times. Be it Halloween costumes, vintage items, or shoes that were sold out in stores, I was able to find what I was looking for on eBay.

Which is one of the many reasons I love eBay so much and proudly represent the brand on this corner of the web. I'm thankful to eBay and to the memories it has helped me create, whether here in NYC or on the west coast.

In the same fashion, eBay is thankful to me. And you. In fact, eBay recently launched a campaign entitled, "eBay Thanks You" and they have a clear message, "To our inspiring eBay community: Thank You."

Simple. Sweet. And powerful.

The eBay community has raised $63 million in 2011 to help support non-profit organizations in need of the funds, and there are several videos illustrating the good that has come from buying and selling through eBay Giving Works. In fact, you can support a cause that means something to you by donating through the eBay Giving Works program by donating. (Learn more about this awesome program by "liking" eBay Giving Works on Facebook.)

The "eBay Thanks You" campaign is a tearjerker, and you can get your dose of inspiration by visiting and viewing the videos on the eBay YouTube page. As part of the campaign and a way to pay it forward, eBay will graciously provide a $50,000 grant to one of the three non-profit organizations that use the site most effectively, and the community will vote to pick the winner.

There's more.

Users can enter to win daily and weekly prizes that include (but are not limited to) iPads, home entertainment systems, and a new car; there will be pretty sweet Daily Deals; and there will be special prizes for eBay sellers like free listings for a year, a free 2-month subscription, or a free pass to an eBay Business Boot-Camp. 

Oh-la-la... now that's how you say "Thank You."

{Disclosure: As a member of the eBay Parent Panel, this post is sponsored by eBay. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}


  1. Yes I loveeeeee ebay!! I don't remember what my first purchase was, but I do know that I got addicted to listing things on there. It's a great way to get rid of my daughters very gently used clothing!


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