Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This Is What It Feels Like To Have It All

Hard work.

Every. Single. Day.

Well, let me back up a little bit.

I don't "have it all." I'm extremely blessed and feel very favored to have accomplished a lot of the goals that I've set thus far. I'm also fortunate enough to be able to set new goals and to begin to work towards them. It's a great feeling.

But it's not easy. It's hard work. 

Between a full time job as a Dean of Students, a freelance side hustle, and single motherhood, I'm always "on". I have late nights and early mornings, and I move in and out of my different roles like it's nobody's business. I make sacrifices. Sometimes television and sleep take a backseat to late-night workouts and writing assignments. Emails and messages get answered after dinner has been eaten, the bedtime routine is complete, and the kid is nicely tucked in and has drifted off to Dream Land. I rejuvenate and re-energize by going out with friends and indulging in little treats for myself. It reminds me that before I'm a Dean or a freelance writer or a single mother, I'm a woman. And that feels good.

But I work. Hard. Every day. And unapologetically.

I established this work ethic a long time ago and although it's not easy, I always remind myself to push forward. Especially when I get weary. 


Because I wanted this. I want this. I prayed for this. I worked for this.  


And now that I have the career that I've worked so hard for, I'm still working to maintain it.  


I received a message from a reader the other day stating that she admires my drive and ambition, and that it encourages her to keep pushing forward. She's not working at her dream job (yet!), but she's striving. That's a good thing. And I'm a firm believer that her work ethic will speak for itself, and get her to the place where she's striving to go.

That's the thing about work ethic: the work ethic and drive that you establish now will be the same work ethic and drive that you'll take with you when you land that dream job. So don't wait. Start now. Because once you land that dream job and you "have it all," you'll still have to work.  
Every. Single. Day.


  1. Love this post, Alicia. Hits the nail right on the head.

  2. The quote makes me think... and I'm still thinking..

  3. I needed this post. I would love to hear more about how you balance it all and flawlessly too (from the outside looking in of course). How do you work the long hours, spend time with your son, have personal time, etc? That's what I'm working on. If you every wanted to share a "day in the life post" I would love to read.

  4. truth! it never stops. once you achieve one dream it's time to start working on the next one.

  5. I wish I had your same drive. On most days, I feel that I have nothing to get up in the morning for. I feel so uninspired.


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