Monday, February 18, 2013

{Personal Style} Saturday Nights and Prabal Gurung for Target

[blazer; Zara; top: Prabal Gurung for Target; necklace: Lia Sophia; denim: GAP]
After feeling ill for two days and resting for a day-and-a-half, I was ready to hit the streets of NYC on Saturday night. And that's just what I did. I headed to a fun little bar on the Lower East Side with my gals from college, L and B, and we sang and danced like we haven't done in a while.

I'll admit, it probably wasn't the most responsible and adult thing for me to do since my energy level wasn't exactly at 100%, but once the music starting going, I completely forgot that I was ill a mere 12 hours prior.

Such is life in the Big City.

[B and I]
[L and I]
I wore dark denim skinny jeans with suede knee-high boots (not shown) and dressed it up with a cobalt blazer and my lovely Prabal Gurung for Target top.

After searching for hours for this blazer and top to no avail, I got my hands on a few other pieces that I really like. So it's all good. (I'm still on the hunt for the blazer and top though.)

 What do you guys think of the collection? Has anyone scored any awesome pieces?

Have a very stylish week!


  1. Omg, cant believe you snagged that top! Lucky!!! Love this collection - I missed out while most of it was in stores, guess I have to head to ebay for a few pieces, lol.

  2. And p.s. Love your outfit, particularly the colored blazer. Such a cute look!!!! xo

  3. I wanted that blazer too! The dresses were nice but I ended up just getting a pair of shoes. That top looks super cute on you!

  4. Hopefully, the blazer turns up because it is lovely! I think there were a few pieces left from this collection the last time I was at Target. I'm telling you, Target is a genius for getting these designers to partner with them and bring affordable designer pieces to those of us who can't afford to drop $500 on one piece of clothing.

    1. Right?! Who ever thought of this idea is a genius! Girl, I'm about to send you a check so you could get me a few pieces from your Target. LOL.

  5. That cobalt is definitely your color!!

  6. Love the top and blazer. You look amazing!


  7. That top looks fabulous on you lady! I scored a tank and sandals from the collection!

  8. it looks good on you. i saw it in the store - decided to pass.

  9. I did not score any of the pieces but you are rockin the heck out of it! Love the colors.


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