Friday, February 15, 2013

To Be Single, and Living in America

Did you know that...

69% of single women judge men they are romantically interested in by their grammar?
55% of single men judge women they are romantically interested in by their grammar?

And some folks thought that I was totally crazy for having second thoughts about BGG (aka Bad Grammar Guy). Apparently, it's more common than I thought!

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Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a lovely media event at Prohibition in Manhattan, hosted by in which Dr. Helen Fisher presented awesome (and shocking!) findings in's annual Single's In America study. While I was unable to actually attend the event due to the after affects of Nemo and babysitting woes, the results of the study are too good not to share.

While 89% of single women and 90% of single men want someone who they find physically attractive, 97% of single women and 91% of single men want someone who has a sense of humor.

Now let's talk about respect and trust. 98% of single women and 96% of single men want someone who respects them. 99% of single women and 95% of single men want someone who they can trust and confide in. 

As I've come to realize in more recent years: positive character traits mean much more than good looks. Word! And check this out: when it comes to attractiveness, 40% of singles (men and women) have fallen in love with someone they didn't initially find attractive.

Once they've already started dating, it turns out that women want independence (56% of women would like a regular Girl's Night Out), and men want commitment and to fall in love faster.

Who knew?!

There's more. The study covers everything from romance and dating in this economy to sexting and forging a long-term commitment to meeting the parents and falling in love. It's that extensive. To see more results and get information from the pros, check out the study here. Also, check out the following YouTube Video for more scoop on Singles In America.

Happy dating, y'all!

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  1. Yeah Helen Fisher's studies are quite interesting. A few years ago I watched one of her lectures on romantic love and sex (I love that this woman spent the larger part of her life studying something as abstract as romantic love). She taught me that orgasms actually make us fall in love with the person who gave us an orgasm. This especially counts for women.

    There goes Samantha Jones!

  2. I definitely agree that looks aren't everything and I'm glad that others agree too. When it comes to building a forever relationship good looks won't give you emotional comfort, faithfulness, honesty or support. There just comes a say when you have to give the not handsome good guy/gal a chance. Who knows you might be pleasantly surprised!

  3. i shamelessly judge and make terrible grammatical mistakes on occasion.

  4. Grammar is general I like communicating so I enjoy someone that is able to carry on a conversation.

  5. I don't mind a grammatical error every now and then, but for it to occur constantly - I would definitely become annoyed. I'm glad to see the survey results, because it is what I've always believed. I want a guy that is funny, respects me, and trustworthy.

    Great post! :)

  6. That's comforting to know. I also can't stand bad grammar.


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