Friday, March 1, 2013

{Guest Post} Kid-Friendly Date Ideas

Written by Amanda Carlson

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Spending one-on-one time with your child is very important for building your bonding relationship. Take your kiddo on a date without the other siblings and parent, and make a day of fun just for the two of you. They will love it and don’t forget the camera! 

Local festivals: Taking your kid on a fun date to a local festival is full of free activities and gives them a chance to get outside and burn some energy! Whether you choose an arts festival or food market, these are great inexpensive ways to spend time with your kiddo. Most of these events offer free entry for children and offer many different activities like games and face painting. 

Kids Museum: Try making your date with you child something educational for both of you. Children museums have great day and weekend special for families. Check your local children museum website calendar for different shows, exhibits and activities each month. Consider purchasing a membership visit once a month. Visiting a museum is an excellent way to create memories and fun! 

Book Store: If you are lucky your city has a small mom and pop book store with a great catering towards children. Most of these small book stores host readings and story time for kids on a weekly basis. Pair this book store date with allowing them to pick out one book to take home. Visiting a book store promotes more time reading and less time in front of the television and video games. 

Drive in movie: Although drive in movies are becoming extinct, you can find these rare gems hidden typically on the outskirts of a large city. Drive in movies are one of a kind and a memory builder. If you are unable to find a drive in, make your own! Grab all your favorite snacks and pillows and blankets. Have a camp out in your living room and watch your child’s favorite movie! 

An old diner: Who doesn’t love a yummy old fashioned burger and milkshake? Old diners have a sense of nostalgia that even kids understand and love. Share a milkshake and just enjoy the oldies played over the speakers and chat. When is the last time you had just a long and simple conversation with your child without any interruptions? 

Instead of dragging your kids to a movie or to the park, try something a little different this weekend. These five fun date ideas are not only low cost but they are probably something your child has never experienced. Start making memories and pick your favorite!

About the author: Amanda Carlson, a blogger as well as a former newborn care nurse contributed this post. To stay connected to her previous career and share the knowledge she gained, she began writing for You can reach her at:
amanda [dot] newborncare [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Diners are also great with kids because they tend to be a bit noisier so if your kid is being loud it's not as obvious!

  2. he wide pathways are great for a jog, a walk, a longboard, or a bike ride, and the steps leading down to the riverbank are great for a foot paddle on a hot day.


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