Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day 2012... eBay Style

Sunday is Earth Day! You know what that means, right? It's time to celebrate all things green and remind ourselves how to be more eco-friendly and kind to our Mother Earth. After all, she's all we have. 

While I certainly wouldn't consider myself a "Go Green Guru," these days I'm finding myself trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. From learning tips and tricks from the adorbs Tristin and Tyler to using household and baby products from Jessica Alba's The Honest Company to perusing the eBay Green Team site for tips on buying and selling in a more green way, I'm totally a Greener Alicia. Score!

To celebrate Earth Day (which, is totally like the Superbowl for the eBay Green Team), the eBay Green Team is helping users of all personalities approach their individual shopping experiences with an eco-friendly lens. 

Don't give me the "Huh?" confused look just yet -- it's a lot simpler than it sounds! Just as I told you in this post, "green" items are pretty much anything that has been pre-used. (Or "pre-loved", as I like to say.) I'm sure many of you are right in the thick of Spring cleaning so instead of throwing items away, monetize off of it and sell it on eBay. Okay, okay... maybe I'm the only one who's still in the midst of Spring cleaning, but, like, you get my point: selling items on eBay can and will help you "be more green" by extending it's useful life and reducing your carbon footprints. 

First, head over to the eBay Selling Inspiration House for, you guessed it, ideas on things you can sell after you're all done Spring cleaning. After spending some time on the site, I was able to get a better idea of things in my apartment that I could sell and not toss. (Totally Green thinking.)

Then, head over the the eBay Green site to get tips on how to list your items. For instance, instead of listing Aiden's outgrown t-shirts as "Used T-shirts," I'm learning to describe that folks can use these t-shirts as play clothing for their children. It gives them a reason to buy it. Pretty smart, huh? (Totally Green thinking.)

Next, head over to eBay Green site in order to learn how to ship green with the eBay recyclable box program. (Totally Green thinking.)

Last, sit back and wait for your payment to come. (Totally green thinking. But in the other sense, like, green dollars.)

{Full Disclosure: As an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador, this post is sponsored by eBay. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}

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  1. Aaaah, I like that! "Play Clothes" vs. "Used Clothes" Great idea!!

    Happy Earth Day & thanks for the tips!!


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