Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Classic and Sexy in Herve Leger Navy Mini Dress

{Dress: Herve Leger; Shoes: Aldo;
Eyes: Bobbi Brown; Lips: Rimmel London Berry Rose}
This week, this delicious single momma will be turning 28-years-old! Woot! To celebrate my upcoming birthday, this past weekend, I grabbed a few of my NYC all-stars and headed out for a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing. Oh, and fashion too.

To kick-off my upcoming new year, I donned a classic navy mini Herve Leger bandage dress. It was all kinds of sexy, perfect for an "upper 20's" birthday celebration, and definitely highlighted my best assets.

Need proof? Please lend your attention to exhibits A, B, and C, also known as the booty poses:

Oh yeah!

I paired the dress with fun and flirty fuchshia peep-toe pumps with a metallic heel from Aldo. I promise you, these shoes we're giving me LIFE on Saturday night! I told my friends R and T that these are officially my new fave pair of shoes... and I fully intend on rocking the life out of them this Summer.

To complete the look, I added a few accessories that were equal parts feminine and sweet, equal parts trendy and edgy -- totally Mommy Delicious style.

{Three prong necklace: Express;
"Mommy" necklace: Michael C. Fina}

{Clutch and ring: Aldo Accessories; Cuffs: The Junk Boutique;
Nails: Kardashian Kollection Kim-pletely in Love}
Before heading out that night, I had a blast rocking out to the Rihanna station on Pandora, curling my hair, and pretending to be a Herve Leger model. Shout out to R and D for taking these pics and putting up with my requests for them to "take another picture... these are going on the Internet, ya know?!" The dress looks black in these pictures, but... eh!

I could totally be a Herve Leger model.

Hope you guys are having a fashionable week!


  1. u better go on Mommy! :) You're making 28 look good!!! I'm not even gonna say hope u enjoyed your night cuz it's OBVIOUS that you did! lol

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  3. Happy Birthday! You looked great in your bandage dress! I'm making it a point to say hello to the persons above and below and to the right and left of me on these Monday night forums. Glad you enjoyed your special day!

  4. Girl you look amazing!!! I wish I could pull those shoes off! I wouldn't know how to walk in them :)

  5. I love me some Herve Leger and find any excuse to wear a bandage dress! Get it mama. What size shoe do you wear??? I need to steal those fuschias! Cayute!

    1. Hahaha!!!! I'll trade you -- my shoes for your dress! *wink*

  6. Herve Leger is HOT. I love body-con dresses.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Yes, you could totally be a model! The entire outifit is soo cute. Happy Birthday to you!!

  8. You could totally be a Herve Leger model. Happy birthday! May this year be a great one.

  9. Hey model!!! Working it! I want one of those bandage dresses so bad! You are working the whole look!!!! Happy Birthday, love!!!

  10. giiiiiirl, you better WORK!! you look amazing!

  11. You look FABULOUS doll!!!! Love the entire look, from head to toe!!! #WERK!!

  12. You make 28 look good... i have a 20 yr old that was born on earth day also. i feel old, but this is not about me...enjoy!!!

  13. Fun! Happy Birthday! You look fantastic.

  14. You better work that hot bod! LOVE IT!

  15. Love the pink pumps with that smokin' dress!

  16. Happy birthday!! You looked absolutely sexy!! Love the dress!

  17. Not sure how I missed this post, but you look AWESOME!!! I LOLed at the booty poses. You're too funny. :-)

    Hope you and A are enjoying the summer!

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