Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fashion-Themed Kids Birthday Party

Kids love to dress-up and pretend to be adults. A fashion-themed party lets them feel like movie stars and can be a lot of fun. Boys and girls can both have fun dressing up in stylish clothing and walking down a pretend runway. A fashioned-theme party will require some extra effort on your part, but it can definitely be worth it. Here are some tips to help you throw the perfect fashion-themed birthday part for your little one:

1. Make sure everyone knows what kind of party it is.

On the party invitations, you should explicitly state that you’re going to be throwing a fashion-themed party. On the invitations, you should also suggest that the party guests bring two or three fashionable outfits to wear.

2. Get some ties, jewelry, and other accessories.

You should probably have some extra dress shirts and blazers for boys and dresses for girls on hand. In addition to that, make sure you have plenty of pretty jewelry for the girls to wear and ties for the boys to wear. You don’t have to go out and spend money on these accessories, since you probably already have some at your house. However, you probably don’t want to let the party guests wear your most valuable jewelry. You can always pick up some costume jewelry for the party if you don’t feel comfortable sharing yours.

3. Prepare your house for a fashion show.

A fashion themed party isn’t much fun without a fashion show. So, move all the furniture in your living room to the side, and create enough space in the middle of the living room for the kids to parade around in their stylish clothes. You may even want to roll out a long rug in the middle of the room for the kids to take turns walking down. You should also make sure you have plenty of mirrors set up around the house to allow the kids to look at themselves before the fashion show.

4. Prepare for your role as makeup artist/hairstylist.

Make sure you have some makeup for the girls (unless you’re opposed to makeup), hair gel for the boys, and hair styling product and hair spray for the girls. You may also want to have some nail polish on hand. The kids will probably need some help applying makeup and getting their hair ready, so you’ll need to be mentally prepared to help them out. The girls can paint each other’s nails to save you some work. You may want to ask some other parents to stay at the party and help you help the kids get ready for the fashion show.

5. Don’t expect everything to go as planned.  

No child’s birthday party is perfect. Just focus on keeping the kids safe and happy, and make sure the birthday girl or boy has the most fun possible.

About the author: Lisa is a guest blogger on the subjects of children’s parties, life as a working mother, and how to throw a Mario birthday party and other themed parties. 


  1. Great post!

    Don't have little people anymore; but I will keep this idea in mind for future children activities.

  2. Excellent post and advise. Was invited to a childrens' party in March. Things never go as planned with children;-)

  3. I like the idea of a fashion themed birthday party.

  4. Too cute! These are the times when i want my little girl!!! ;-)

  5. this sounds like fun... I may just have to save this one for when Little Miss O is a bit bigger... : )

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