Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Williamsburg Movement And Arts Center -- Anyone Else Loves Free Things As Much As I Do?

Hey Lovelies!

As a mother and a New Yorker, life can get pretty expensive. This is not a good thing for a poor grad school student like me. Luckily, I like to seize all deals, steals, and opportunities. Basically, I love anything free [and legal]. That's why I was super happy when A Child Grows in Brooklyn posted a list of free children's classes ranging from arts to movement to music that was pretty much all over Brooklyn.

Since Aiden is in between semesters for swimming and we didn't have anything on our agenda for this past Saturday, I decided to take him to a toddlers dance and movement class at the Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center. Located in trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they are dedicated to introducing the love of dance to people of all ages so I thought taking him to the class would be a neat idea! And did I mention that it was for free?

When we first arrived, I was a little nervous and felt like Aiden wouldn't enjoy it because all of the other tots were younger than him. Plus, it took him a few minutes to warm-up to the instructor (he has a slow-to-warm temperament as you may remember from his swimming lessons). But half-way through the class, although still a little shy, he ended up really enjoying himself! I was super happy to not have wasted a Saturday morning that I could have spent sleeping (I mean, uhh, playing with Aiden).

Here he is shaking away and making music with his maracas.

I thought it was awesome that they have an open play area where kids can play freely before or after their scheduled class. Aiden loved playing in the doll house!

The weather was so gorgeous that I didn't want to go straight home afterwards. So Aiden and I headed to Chelsea for lunch to enjoy the city... and the last weekend of Summer.

I totally scheduled a manicure and hair appointment after looking at myself in this pic (#hotmessyoungmom). But Aiden is so delicious!

And here he is feeding (or scaring) the pigeons. Look for the little guy amongst the other NYers. Love it!

Hope you guys got out to enjoy the last few days of summer. Anyone do anything special?

Sweet Alicia


  1. This looked great! I LOVE a bargain but give me free any day! lol Glad he had such a fun time.

  2. Hi Alicia! So glad to find another NYC Blogger! I'm a single Mami of two boys so I def. understand wanting to stay frugal. Feel free to pass by my blog and check it out. I try to post free family friendly entertainment options, as well as deals and steals for Mommys like me because it IS expensive in NYC (I'm originally from Puerto Rico where its much cheaper)!

  3. Aidan is soooo cute!!!! And he looks just like mommy!


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