Monday, September 13, 2010

NYC Fashion Week & Fashion's Night Out!

Hey Lovelies!

As the epitome of a girly-girl, I've always loved NYC's Fashion Week and NYC's Fashion's Night Out. The celebs, the designers, the I-wish-I-had-that-couture-dress-in-my-closet feeling, the energy... what's not to love?!

That's why I was super psyched when Yakini over at The Prissy Mommy Chronicles asked me if I wanted to accompany her to an exclusive, by invite-only Fashion Week event: the first ever Children's Fashion Week showcasing the top couture designers of children's clothes.

A chance to attend a children's couture fashion show?!
Umm... did she even have to ask?! I've been known to turn my living room into a runway show just to strut my stuff in a new outfit and I'm the queen of "smizing" (a la Tyra Banks and ANTM) amongst my family members... This New Yorker LOVES fashion shows and modeling. Umm... of course I wanted to go!!!

And let me just say that I've always admired the amazingness that is Yakini from across the blogosphere. Visiting her blog is like taking a walk in the fab lane as she records her life as wife, mom of 2 delicious baby boys, and Clinical Psychologist of a state hospital. And the Prissy Mommy Reviews & Giveaways section, one word: wowsa! Basically, my blog wants to be her blog when it grows up!

That Friday eve, after dropping baby Aiden off at a sitter and getting all divalicious in my little black dress and 4-inch heels (love 'em!), I met Mrs. Yakini at The Metropolitan Pavilion for the show. And it was a blast!
Here we are with Jessica of Momma's Gone City chit-chatting before the show. All smiles!

Once the show started, it was on. The runway showcase featured Spring-Summer Collections 2011 by Cavalli, Simonetta, Charabia, and Sonia Rykiel. Ouch!

Look at little Miss Diva in her Charabia dress. Don't you just love the crazy curls?!

Check out Mr. Man in his Roberto Cavalli. Hmm... I wonder if they have that in Aiden's size?

I even got a chance to chat-it-up with my long time friend, Jeanine, a fabulous editor over at Mom Finds. Love her!
And as you may all know by now, the events after wards for Fashion's Night Out were absolute madness. Those of you who were in NYC, what did you do on FNO? Anyone get a chance to spot Ms. Anna Wintour? She was everywhere!

All in all, the night was absolutely fabulous! I give it an A-plus!



  1. Oh wow. I saw the pictures on Yakini's facebook page. You ladies were killing it!!

  2. You are so awesome!!!! I had such a great time hanging out with you - we'll definitely have to do it again soon! (((hugs)))

    And yes, you were doing it in that black dress and 4" heels! Owww!!!


  3. Fun, Fun, Fun! SO cool that they have a kids fashion event! So glad you had a good time and thanks for posting pictures!! I def think Imma try to hit NYC Fashion Week next year!

  4. Following you! Cool blog!!

  5. Yes Lovelies... I had a wonderful time! xoxo

  6. what fun and with two of my favorite people Yakini and Jeannine.


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