Friday, September 14, 2012

Why It's Important to Work Hard (And Smart)

Last night, we had Back-to-school night at my school for grades 2--4. It was from 5:30pm -- 9pm and I didn't get home until late. My work day started at 7am when I was outside of the school, along with my Principal, greeting our scholars "good morning" and wishing them well for the school day.

Started at 7am.

Ended at 9pm.

And when I got home, I prepared Aiden's things for school in the morning, kissed him good night, and worked on an article in order to meet a deadline. 

Needless to say, it was a long day.

While I was drifting off to sleep, I remembered the conversation that I had with Aiden the night before about the book that he "read" to his classmates and I smiled. (He pretty much memorized Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus because he's obsessed with all of Mo Willems' books, and his teachers asked him to "read" it to the class). Then... I was reminded why I do what I do.

I have to.

I have to work hard and smart and go as far as I can in my career. I have to push myself on days that I may be tired. I have to have the resilience, perseverance, and grit to keep moving onwards and upwards.

For the first time in a long time, I didn't feel guilty about working late. I'm blessed with a job that's meaningful to me where I can do the most important work [in my eyes anyway] of our time -- help to close the achievement gap. (And, I happen to be good at it. The other day my Principal told me that she's happy that I'm apart of the leadership team, and that my drive and dedication inspires her. *Insert image of Alicia doing the running man here*])

But I digress.

I have to go hard.

Not only for myself, but because I have to show Aiden what can be accomplished with hard work. And smart work. I have to set a good example for him.

Because if I don't, who will?


  1. Aiden is really lucky to have such a smart and hard working Mother. I do admire you my friend and I wish you continued success.

  2. You are setting a phenomenal example for Aiden!

  3. Aiden and Lady C have a lot in common - their love for Mo Willems. That pigeon is pretty hysterical isn't he?

  4. You have a great work ethic and it's going to take you far. Aiden will learn this positive trait from you by watching you as his role model!

  5. You're setting the pathway to success for Aiden!!!

  6. Your drive is inspiring me too. What a great example for your son and your readers.

  7. You're such an inspiration!! I love these kind of posts from you. They definitely speak to me.

  8. Such an inspiration! Aiden has no choice but to be something great with you as his mom.

  9. If you had a tv show I would totally watch you...your story is so compelling and Inspiring. Continue to inspire us all:-)

  10. Amen to that! I think working hard and SHOWING that drive and diligence is the best teaching tool you can ever give your child. Children learn best by having a good example.

  11. Let the church say amen! This year the man child is taking two high school credit courses. It has been a real shock to him since he now has to work hard for grades while being a middle schooler. This morning we had a conversation reflecting on the time I was pursuing my Masters degree and the two years I spent working on my PhD. I had to remind him of the work that was required. The sacrifice! If we don't who will?


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