Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What to Expect When You're Expecting... And Traveling

Written by Marie Hunter

If you have a love of travel and a desire to see as much of the globe as you can, being pregnant doesn’t have to mean a pause in your exploration efforts. Though traveling while pregnant does present some added things to consider, you certainly don’t have to spend your 40-weeks of pregnancy sticking close to home if you don’t desire to do so.

Check with Your Doctor
Before you plan any form of travel while pregnant, you should consult your doctor. Generally, traveling while pregnant is acceptable, particularly during the first two trimesters. However, your doctor, who knows the specifics of your medical history and needs, is the only one who can give you the clear go ahead and, as such, should be consulted as you begin planning.

Take Precautions
While many pregnant women safely gallivant all over the country – or even abroad – with few problems, you should always play it extra safe. Before you head off on your adventure, gather a little bit of information about local hospitals to ensure that you aren’t left seeking addresses and phone numbers at the last minute should you experience a medical issue. If you are traveling across the sea, keep in mind that the insurance coverage that pays for your prenatal care in the U.S. will likely not extend beyond across borders. To ensure that you don’t end up paying loads for any medical treatment you may be forced to seek, buy an Atlas international insurance policy to cover you and your unborn child while you are on foreign soil.

Dress for Comfort
Squeezing your swollen body into an airplane seat or an overly-compact car is distasteful enough when you are pregnant. Don’t compound the problem by making poor wardrobe choices. Seek clothing that stretches and fits well when picking out your ideal travel garments. Stick to cottons and knits that will hug your body but not bite into your tender skin as when traveling you will likely be in one position for an extended period of time, and ill-fitting clothing can make this stationary sitting even more uncomfortable.

Take Breaks
There are some largely uncommon, though potentially serious, threats to travelers who remain stationary for an overly long time. Most notably, blood clots can form due to sitting for an extended period of time and could result in serious injury or even death. When you are pregnant, these risks are more pronounced. To mitigate them, make sure to get up and walk around at least once every 2 hours. This may mean taking a walk up and down the airplane aisles or insisting that your road trip partner pulls over the car and allows you to get out and stretch your legs.

Pack Some Snacks
When engaged in hectic travel, it can be easy to allow meal times to slip by. When you are pregnant, you can’t do this. To ensure that you have access to the sustenance you need to help your little one grow and develop properly, tuck some snacks into your suitcase or carry-on bag. When selecting snacks, look for ones that offer nutritional benefits. Try dried fruits, nuts and whole grain crackers as all are easily portable and offer the protein, whole grains and vitamins that you and your baby need.

Though no two situations are identical, for most pregnant women, traveling presents no serious risks. To ensure optimal safety and comfort while traveling, however, you should keep in mind these simple tricks of the trade. By doing so, you can make your during-pregnancy travel as comfortable and safe as humanly possible.

About the author: When Maire isn't lost in reading the latest hot novel, she is planning her future vacations to tropical places. She also loves taking care of her cat, Walter, and her Scottish Terrier, Pete.


  1. Great tips! When the baby gets older, you can tell him all the places he has been.

  2. Great tips, not that I'm preggo, but I was and I did travel so I know these tips are good!

  3. Great tips. When I was pregnant with Lady C I was on travel restriction :-( but it was for the best.

  4. We did a road trip when I was pregnant and I wish I had some of these tips. I didn't think about researching hospitals, but if it had been an issue I know my family would have found the best one for me. I'll have to keep this in mind if we have another baby.


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