Monday, September 3, 2012

Five Fall Trends to Follow

Written by Roxanne Porter

Summer is just about over (*sad face*) and stores are filling their racks with new fall frocks and pieces. Deep colors, deferent textures and old styles are just the beginning. Before you head to the mall or get online, check out the 5 must follow trends for this fall: 

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Mustard: Who would have thought that the color mustard would make a comeback and strong one for that? Mustard colored anything is in. Eye shadows and nail polishes are following the unique yellow shade very closely. The key with wearing mustard, stick to one mustard statement piece like a pair of skinnies, a coat or scarf. 

Texture: Whether it is leather or faux fur, this fall textures are hitting big. Textured coats are trending on every runway as well as shopping store. Texture is the envelope pusher this season with daring looks like deep blood red leather pieces or a heavy lace top. If it feels different, wear it. 

Military: It’s back so soon? Military was a big hit a few years ago and it has ventured its way back into our closets and hearts. Celebs like Miley Cyrus and Sienna Miller are stomping around in combat boots and army green jackets. Pull out your military jacket from a few seasons ago and give it another go. 

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Plaid: Plaid is probably one of the most interesting and dynamic pieces anyone can throw on. A very classic and American look that gives off a preppy and polished persona that anyone can pull off. There aren’t really any limitations or restrictions plaid, just have fun with it! 

Jewel Tones: Royal blues, deep plums, emerald greens and charcoal colors are enticing to the eye and beautiful on most anyone. Accessories like handbags, booties and jewelry are perfect in these colors. 

It’s hard not to feel daring and sexy in these colors.

The best trend to follow this fall is the one that you feel most comfortable being you. You can follow all the trends and buy the best but if you don’t feel like yourself, it’s useless. Find your faves, invest in solid pieces and have fun with it! Happy shopping! 

About the author:
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  1. I am loving the mustard and jewel tones for fall. I can't wait to try out the plaid trend! I'm not sure if I'll try a dress or pants but I MUST try the plaid trend.

  2. I've had a mustard blouse for years and everytime I wear it, J is like, what's up with that color? Now I will tell him that mustard is so in!

  3. I LOVE the mustard color trend because it's a great color for my skin tone.

  4. I'm not sure how mustard will look with my skin tone, but I do like jewel tones trend!


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