Monday, September 24, 2012

Tuning Out in Order to Tune In

[after school. city kid.]
This past Friday, I picked Aiden up from school. I usually don't get to pick him up because I'm still at work during his pick up time so I was particularly excited to surprise him with my presence on Friday. We hung around the city a bit, headed to the Brooklyn Bridge, walked across, and quite literally enjoyed one of the last afternoons before Fall presented itself.

It was a beautiful thing.

And it continued into the weekend. We went to an Urban World Film Festival (more on that later), spent time at my alma mater on Saturday (CU, stand up!), and enjoyed each other's company.

I did no work -- didn't log on to my computer, didn't respond to one email (work-related, blog-related, or personal), and didn't even look at my work blackberry.

I unplugged and tuned out.

It was a beautiful thing.

In fact, since I've been so busy since starting this new position, I've been using my weekends to unplug and tune out... so that I can tune into Aiden (by day) and my friends (by night). I'm usually tempted to do work over the weekends, figuring that if I bang a large chunk of it out during that time, it'll really prepare me for the week ahead. But... I'm finding that it's been more beneficial for me to be present with my kid (and my friends). 

I thought that not working was going to really affect me come Monday morning. I thought I would be scrambling to get organized and feel frazzled when I couldn't get organized fast enough. But it hasn't been affecting me. (Not yet, at least.) And I'm not getting frazzled. (Not yet, at least.) I just take about an hour or so to get myself together on Monday morning. And I get everything that needs to be done done. It's funny how much you can accomplish when you're on a tight time limit.

I can't have it all... all at once. But I could have it all in intervals and at the appointed time.

For now, that's more than enough for this single momma.

It seems that every few months or so I'm reminded just how important it is to tune out everything else in order to tune into everything that's truly important.

15 years from now, that's what'll really matter anyway.


How often do you unplug and just enjoy the company of your loved ones?


  1. Unplugging is great. I really try to unplug during the weekends and enjoy time with the family. I'm much more relaxed when I'm unplugged from my computer and phone.

  2. I unplugged when we went on a cruise in May - didn't really have a choice and it was one of the best mental breaks I had. We all need to unplug once in a while with or without a choice. Glad you are having a great time with Aiden!

  3. that's awesome! I don't get enough of that kind of QT with Liam, but I certainly NEED to do it. I have to realize that time with my child is not something I should schedule in, but that should be everything else! :) Love this post.

  4. I tend to unplug one day a week (usually Saturday or Sunday) Online life will never be as important as what I have in real life. My hubby and kids will always know they are a major priority. Now don't get me wrong, they know when big opps fall in my lap, they betta take a number! ;-) Your little one is so handsome and he is lucky to have such an awesome mom.

  5. I kind of spent the last week and half tuning in to my family. I loved every second of it. I may need to do that permanently.

    Aiden needs to be on someone's billboard modeling something...seriously!

  6. I'm headed to the mountains in a few weeks and I'll definitely be unplugging! Love the backpack btw!

  7. I try to do that pretty often, actually. I've deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone, and that's helped a lot. And I only get on my computer when there's grad school work to be done (weekends are the only time I have for that). But you'd better believe when I'm done with this degree, my kid will be getting even more of my time. We only have our kids for about 12 years before they want to hang out with people other than us! :)

  8. What a fantastic plan :) And a lesson in being more efficient in all your roles. Sundays are usually my unplug days. Though sometimes I forget about phone, blog and emails all weekend. It feels great to focus on other things and the important people in our lives.

  9. With a new baby it's easy to unplug but as he gets older I am sure I will learn to unplug that picture of Aiden!

  10. As much as I possibly can. This Saturday will be an unplug day (fingers crossed). We also have movie night on Friday's and hang out after church on Sundays. My mom always told me the best thing I could give my son wasn't things but my time. I have plenty of that and I'm glad to share it with him!

  11. I need to get better at this. Very hard for me to unplug!!! Just being honest. But we're the better parents for it when we're able to do it! Good for you girly!


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