Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mo Willems, A Pigeon (Or Two), and Aiden's Birthday Celebration

Last week Friday was Aiden's 4th birthday. Yep, it was pretty exciting. Especially because I don't look four years older. *wink*

We had a great time at Magnolia Bakery on the Upper West Side with some of our Blogger friends and their too-cute-for-words children. Aiden had a great time testing out a new app for one of our favorite children's Author, Mo Willems.

{The only way to get around in Manhattan}

{Mr. Mo Willems himself}
Entitled, "Don't Let The Pigeon Run This App!," the app available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Pigeon fans can create their own Pigeon stories, shake the Pigeon to begin their story, draw the Pigeon with Mo from head to toe, and have a blast with three different reading modes for unlimited stories. Now that's what I call a [hot dog] party!

It wasn't exactly Aiden's birthday celebration, but I didn't tell him that. He was just happy that he got to eat cupcakes and play on an iPad. 

He was also happy that we got to have all of our Mo Willems books autographed. His faves? "Knuffle Bunny," "Knuffle Bunny Too," and "The Pigeon Finds A Hot Dog!" I started collecting these books while I was teaching elementary school in NYC (before Aiden was born) because I love them, but I'm so glad he appreciates them too.

{Our "Collection"}
In case you're wondering, Aiden did have a birthday celebration with his classmates the day before. For that celebration, "Toy Story" was the theme of the day and, because he was crowned King Aiden, he got to have two cupcakes. Yum!

After the Mo Willems event, Aiden had one more celebration at home. My sis and niece came over for more cupcakes (because, clearly, one can't eat enough cupcakes on their birthday) and present-opening (the truly exciting part about birthdays). Piggy back rides was the theme of the party for an evening of pure mommy-and-son fun and lots of good times. Loves it!

{So dope. And so fresh}

Head to the Pigeon website to check out the "Pigeon-tastic" app!

{Event attendees received a complimentary gift bag.}


  1. Cute!!! YEs, you have to improvise...smart move taking him that Blogger event... I remember when my son was 4..now he's 11.. #timeflies

  2. So funny, we received Knuffle Bunny as a baby shower gift and it's one of Chase's favorite books too. And i love it for the wonderful illustration/photography. Those photographs of brownstones look like they could have been shot in my neighborhood. Darn, Im sorry I missed this one - what a fun event!!! And Aiden, as always, cute as a button!!! I love his little preptastic styhle. ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday Aiden! What a little prince! Four kisses plus one from all the Rogersxxxx..x

  4. Happy birthday! Nice job rolling everything into one. Moe Willems is great btw.

  5. Awwwwwwwww, he is so cute! He's growing up so fast, and he seems to be such a sweet little boy. You must be so very proud of him.

  6. We've read Mo Willems books since you first recommended them to me several months ago. So cool that you and Aiden got to hang out with him! Happy Belated Birthday to your adorable Aiden!


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