Thursday, May 3, 2012

Single Guy Alert: Ashton's Got A Dating Video!

Things are about to get really sexy around these parts! No, I don't have an interesting, slightly snobbish, or yummy dating story to share with you (but, like, it would be so cool if I did, right?). It's because there's a hott single guy alert right... about... now... that's been discovered on a new series of YouTube Dating Videos.

The hott single guy?

Ashton Kutcher.

And in the video he's letting all the single ladies know that he's joined a dating website in his search for love.

There are several bachelors in this video and they are pretty hilarious. I LOL'd when Raj said he was looking for someone who is "Kardashian" hot. Eh, can't blame 'em.

I gotta admit -- I never thought I'd see the day that Mr. Punk'd himself would need a dating video to get a girl, but hey, to each his own. (He does look like he's got skills on that motorcycle though.)

I guess those rumors of Ashton and Rihanna or Ashton and Mila can be put to rest. My dude's single... and looking.


Check the video out for yourself and share your reaction!

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  1. I thought he was dating his co-star from "That 70's Show"...what's her name, Mila?

  2. Lol. He is a good actor!

  3. That man is eye candy...he probably won't be single for long.

  4. lol, Ashton is a mess! i like him...

  5. I too kinda laughed at the suggestion that Rihanna and Ashton were actually "dating."

    Having sex - yes. Dating, no.


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