Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Important Reminder

It seems that every once in a while (or maybe even a little more than "once in a while"), I'm reminded just how important it is for me to "just be myself."

A young mother.

A single mother.

And I'm reminded even more just how "okay" it is when I embrace it with grace and confidence.

Case in point: Last night, I attended a New Parent's Reception at the private school Aiden will be going to in the fall. As I walked into the fancy reception hall, I have to admit that I was a bit self-conscious. I'm human. It happens.

Now, I'm a pretty social person and can comfortably make my way around pretty much any social situation. But, last night, at first I was nervous to even talk to anyone.

But then something amazing happened. I remembered that, umm, I'm grown. And I did my due diligence to get my son a spot in the school -- just like every other parent in the room. So... I decided to accept that glass of Chardonnay that was being passed around and loosen up a bit. (But not in that order.)

And then something even more amazing happened. Once I decided to "be myself" by acting like the sweet, funny, social, and witty Alicia that I've grown to know and love, I noticed that people seemed to have liked her. A lot.

Then something even more amazing happened. (The evening just kept getting better and better, eh?) I spotted one of the admissions officers that I'd met a few months ago when Aiden and I were going through the daunting meticulous admissions process. Naturally, I went over to say "hello" to her. As I walked up to her, she greeted me with a huge smile and opened her arms to give me a hug. Turns out, she's been reading this blog. And she's been very touched by it (hence her wanting to give me a hug). And she's been impressed by my being a young, single mom. Wowsa!

So there you have it.

After two years of telling myself that it's okay to be myself, I think I like who I'm becoming...

That's the thing about embracing who you are and owning it -- you just never know who you might touch. Or inspire.

Always remember that.


  1. I don't think I'm much older than you, Alicia, but I can tell you that no matter the age, we ALL find ourselves in those situations at times. For different reasons.

    No matter the reason, loving who YOU are makes it really easy for other people to do the same. It's really that simple.

    Glad the reception went well. What did you wear? :-)

  2. isn't it amazing the lessons you learn when you least expect it? i know how that admissions officer feels. being a reader of your blog, if i ever bump into you - trust it will be with open arms girl! :)

  3. As women we hold "the key", we really do.
    it takes some longer than others to get there, but I'm glad you did and am happy for you.
    what you're saying in this post, is what i wrote about recently

  4. I share the sentiments of the other commenters. We've all been there. It is a good feeling when you can just be you and know it's ok. Know that you are important and have something to share with the world. Keep blogging.

  5. Isn't that something. It sounds like this school is really a great place for Aiden and also for YOU too

  6. You are definitely NOT a stereotype are so much more and doing better than most parents who are two-parent!! Be yourself!!

  7. Kudos to you for letting your guard down and finding comfort in being yourself!

  8. i always feel more inspired after I visit you...

  9. I agree with Megan.
    I know the feelings. I often feel out of place at certain places, especially things at their schools. I'm glad you were able to conquer the night. You are truely giving Aiden the best life.

  10. I feel you. Sometimes we tend to be who we thought other want us to be rather than be ourselves. I was less conscious when I was younger but as I grow older I feel like I need to be at certain standard failing to see that what matters is myself, my family and that's it! Thanks for sharing, Alicia :)

    Come walk my footsteps in my visit to Venice/Treviso:

  11. Great post...we love who've you been, who you are becoming, and who you will be! the rogers

  12. That's so cool, Alicia! Glad that you warmed up and felt comfortable to be YOU.

    Isnt it amazing when you discover all the people who read your blog, and who you touch through it?


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