Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Preschooler and Penis Touching Predicaments

Say hello to his little friend!

We've reached the age of male body parts exploration. In public or in private, nothing's off limits.

What is it with boys and their penis? Seriously, is it just me or is there always something going on down there?

Lately Aiden (who is going to be so embarrassed if he ever finds this post and reads it when he gets older) has been spending a lot of time with his hands down there. At home. In private. Outside. In public. At first, I thought he was simply readjusting so I bought him new underwear in a bigger size, but this did not help with his, uh, new habit.

It was totally freaking me out so I did a little research and found that it's totally developmentally appropriate. In fact, he's probably playing with it because, well, it probably feels good. And according to my new best friend, BabyCenter.com, he's just a curious little boy. Totally normal.

But, still. Aiden's hands are not exactly clean, with all the treasures that he finds outside and whatnot.  And then there are the germs. Let's not forget the germs!

Boys will be boys, is what they say.

I know this doesn't have a sexual connotation at all, but Aiden even wants his penis to be longer. Seriously. One day, I saw him pulling on it and I was so sure that would hurt him, so I told him to stop. Here's a snippet of our conversation:

Me: [A bit mortified] Aiden! Don't pull on your penis!!! (We use the real term for all body parts in this house. No "pee-pees" and "wee-wees" over here.)
Aiden: Why?
Me: Well, I don't want it to hurt you.
Aiden: But I have to pull it.
Me: Umm... why?
Aiden: Because... I want it to be longer.

And there you have it.


  1. My son got upset the other day because he wanted his "to stand up." My face: 0_o.

  2. Oh wow! I'm glad I have girls. But it is perfectly normal for children his ages to explore those areas. I couldn't imagine what to do if I was in this situation. I know you want to just say stop but it feels good to him even though it can be embarrassing.

  3. The pic is priceless! My girls explore themselves too. They know I don't like it so they do it more so I can see. I ignore them so we don't get too focused on those parts. Looking forward to when they grown out of this.

  4. I am entering that uncomfortable stage with my son (he's 2) He will get out of his pull up just to fondle it, I sometimes have to turn my head and chuckle, it can be awkward. I think when my husband is around I'll let him handle that one lol

  5. Alicia, now this was a funny post! LOL's! He will grow out of it. Most boys do. It usually happens in pre-k or kindergarten. However, I don't remember my boys doing it, but I have had male friends who claim they did. LOL's. I think one still does it! LOL's. Just glad he learned to pull on it in the privacy of his home. LOL's.

  6. lol
    that's such a cute post
    lol the conversation in the end

  7. Hahahaha! Oh, I can so relate. Here's a horrible story: when my oldest son was about four, I wanted to discourage him from too much touching. I thought he should break the habit before kindergarten. And I don't know why I thought this was a good idea, but I put Ben Gay on his hands. And completely forgot that the poor little guy needed those hands to go pee. Um, mommy fail!

  8. oh Lord! I'm in so much trouble. I have a nearly two year old who is noticing his more and more every day! Is this what I'm in for? I would have fell out laughing when he said I want it to be longer!

  9. I know the exploring part is developmentally appropriate but the wanting it to grow longer part is clearly just a man thing and we all know that Aiden is ahead of his years!!

  10. LOL!!! Omg! The title alone had me cracking up.
    It's so hysterical that he wants it to be longer. Wanting a bigger penis must be something innate in a man... they're just born with that desire, it seems.
    Chase plays with his during diaper time too. Its like, he cant wait for me to take it off to change him so he can get at it.

  11. HA!!! omg. good for you for using the real words, btw. I was told that is the absolute smartest and safest thing to do with your kids. I still get embarrassed! awesome post.

  12. Lmaoooooooo too funny! And the pic is just to die for. Jr often graps at his parts when i'm changing him and he's only 10 months so I see I have way more "exploring" ahead as he gets older

  13. Alicia, thanks for giving some of us a heads up. I won't laugh too hard at your story!

  14. LOL. I remember the first time my son discovered his penis. Of course I was like 'Oh noooo' But I realized that it's normal and I don't want him to feel ashamed of his body. We just have to have convos about appropriate touch and public behavior,lol. Isn't raising boys GREAT!

  15. Alicia I have 2 toddler boys I could tell you some penis stories that make yours look mild, like the time I found them finger painting or should I say penis painting, the sad part is the pictures where actually pretty good lol. New to your site I am now following you on GFC feel free to stop by my blog http://storybookscience.com

  16. Oh geez. I would have just passed out !!!! If it makes you feel any better girls like to touch it too - not so much in the pulling department though

  17. I am cracking up! Kids are just so uninhibited. I feel like the biggest prude sometimes

  18. This is the funniest convo ever! And unfortunately, it never ever ends! I have definitely seen S yanking on his too but I think it's good that he figures his stuff.

  19. OMG! You guys are soo funny!

    @Tara: O_o is soooo right!

    @MOM Eo: OUCH! But hey... it can happen to the best of us.

    @Yakini: HAHAHA!!!!

    @Latasha: fingers, eerrr penis painting? You win. LOL.

    @Laila: It's the BEST, isn't it?

  20. How do you top that?!

    Is this what I'm missing since I have only little girls? lol

  21. OMG, lol, I have a son too and I can remember similar instances. It's completely normal and completely embarrassing for us moms. Aiden has a clear purpose and plan though, lol, gotta love that!

  22. That picture and that convo: LOL!!!

    You are such a good sport :-D Nate has been feeling himself up for a while now, and his pediatrician reassured me that boys just start being concerned with their goods early in life...hahaha

  23. @Jasmine: Girl, your pediatrician aint nevah lied. Talk about early. Ha!

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