Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sweet Summer

Although I'm sad to see her go, I can more easily say "good-bye" to Sweet Summer because it was a great one. Replete with rooftop parties, outdoor dining in the meatpacking district, walks on the Highline, a sweet helicopter ride around NYC and one kick-ass hot air balloon ride in NJ, play dates in Central Park and at t Pier 6, and trips out of the state and country, this was THE summer to remember. See for yourself.

Columbia University Class of 2006 Five Year Reunion:

Ladies Night and Girls Day Out:

Sunsets and play dates:

Central Park:

Pier 6:

Helicopter hot air balloon ride:

Governor's Island and Yankee Stadium:

Miami with the gals:

Style School:

And several islands on a Carnival Cruise:


St. Lucia:

St. Kitts:

St. Thomas:

Puerto Rico:

Yeah... it was a great one.



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful summer! Next summer I need to come hang with you!

  2. Your friend in the first picture is too pretty! Girl you look like you had an amazing Summer, I'm sooo jealous lol. I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon. Was it only you & your son who went on the cruise?

  3. You had a awesome summer! Sounds like a lifetime of trips in one summer!

  4. There is absolutely no way you can complain about this summer! We actually had pretty much the same summer lol - minus the hot air balloon ride. Why? Ours didn't take off because it was too windy! BOOOOOO!

  5. A Glorious Summer indeed! :)

  6. Ok, I am sooo jealous of your summer! The cruise destinations...awesome. I would settle for a little cruise on the lake here!

  7. Looks like a fabulous summer. My only beef is you didn't invite us! :) In other news, your little cutie is getting so big!

  8. Look like you had a ball! I just wish it could stay a little bit longer.

  9. Oh wow! Looks like you had a full summer! Love the pictures!

  10. Omg, you had a really amazing summer!!! That is awesome! And I love that Aiden is such a well-traveled boy. I think he's gone more places than me! LOL

  11. This is was amazing summer for sure. The pictures are beautiful too.

  12. looks like a pretty great summer! especially that cruise. love the pics!


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