Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Reads

Hey Lovelies!

Here are some good reads for this weekend's link roundup.

Motherhood ain't easy. You can say that again... motherhood ain't easy. And, because I love you, I've included this post by Shiny Brite with effective tips and tricks for calming the chaos in this thing we call motherhood.

Stressed about finding that perfect diaper bag? No worries! The gals over at Mom Finds have got you covered.

Now that we're living in the America's-Next-Top-Model-I-must-have-a-thin-and-perfect-body era, for the moms out there with little gals, this post from A Child Grows In Brooklyn is a must read.

We've all been there. We need to go to work or get work done, which means less time with our kiddies. And then we feel guilty about it. Ad hoc Mom puts a whole new spin on the mommy guilt trip by allowing bribes to become commonplace.

Mommies, it's totally okay to be a little selfish and put yourself first sometimes. Just ask the fabulous writer over at The Young Mommy Life!

Happy reading and have an awesomerrific weekend!


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