Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Reads

Hey Lovelies:

Here are some good reads for this weekend's link roundup.

NYC mamas, before taking your little ones to Coney Island this summer, check out this post from Shiny Brite.

Because I personally know a few children/adolescents with eczema, I've bookmarked this post from A Child Grows in Brooklyn about this skin condition.

Having trouble finding the perfect baby shower gift? No worries! Head on over to Mom Finds and check out the best baby shower gifts.

Ever felt like the only unprepared mom on the playground or at a play date? I know I have once or twice! And what do your children have to say about this umm... problem? Read what NYC Single Mom's daughter had to say. You're in for a good laugh.

It's not too late to book that fabulous and cheap summer family vacation. Check out the benefits of a cruise at Culture Mom.

A maternity line for teens? Well, not exactly, but everyone's in a frenzy over the launch of Forever 21's maternity line. Here's what The Young Mommy Life had to say about it.

Happy reading and enjoy your weekend!


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