Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jealous Of My Childless Friends? I'll Say...

Hey Lovelies!

The other day I was engaged in some light Facebook stalking and saw a status update from one of my friends from college. It said that she was vacationing in Greece (nice!). Actually, this particular friend vacations a lot. And all over the world. From San Francisco to South East Asia to Peru to London... the girl's been all over the globe.

I must admit that I was a little bit jealous upon reading her status. Okay, okay. I was a lot jealous. I love to travel, but obviously I don't have the opportunity to do it as often or as long as I would like to because, well... I'm a mom.

When I was in college, whenever I had the opportunity (and finances!) to travel, I took it. And when I graduated, I was totally psyched about the life I was about to embark upon. In the words of Mya, I was "single, sexy, and free." Free to do whatever I wanted.

Just get up and go. Whenever. Where ever. Well at least whenever I had a vacation from my teaching job.

I had BIG dreams. To travel, that is.

Less than a year of living-it-up NYC style, I found myself pregnant. And all those dreams quickly faded away. I've always wanted to go to Spain and when I was in college, I vowed that I would go once I graduated and could afford it. So when I got pregnant I thought, guess that trip to Spain is never gonna happen.

I must admit, I resented my pregnancy a little. Okay, okay. I resented my pregnancy a lot. But at the same time, I wanted to be a good mother for to my unborn child. So I read all of the books and magazines, went to the birthing classes, and kept all the doctor appointments. But that's a total tangent and a whole other post. Back to the point.

Now that I'm a mother, I still feel a bit jealous of my childless friends from time to time. Sometimes I want their freedom. The ability to get up and go. Whenever. Where ever.

But I'm happy and grateful that I get to experience the world with my son. It may require saving and planning months (months!) in advance.

And I may have to worry about keeping him busy while at an airport or on the airplane.

And I may not be able to stay out too late or party once we're on that fabulous vacation.

But seeing the world with him will be a little exciting. No, no... it'll be a lot exciting. This summer, we're going to Hawaii. Next summer, maybe Spain.

We'll both add stamps to our passport at the same time. And nothing (nothing!) beats that!



  1. It's funny you should say that, because I want a child and we all know that cannot happen right know. At least until I find the rest person to share my eggs with.


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