Friday, June 10, 2016

August Kingston, 6 Months Old

The happiest baby on the block!


Time flies when you're having fun... or loving up on your huggable baby! August turned six months old this week and this almost 20-pounder is thriving more than ever! He got his first taste of solids this week (yummy carrots and yummy sweet potatoes) and he likes it so far. He's also working very hard to sit up unsupported for long periods of time, without toppling over.

As I suspected, the freezer stash of breastmilk is dwindling, but I'm working hard to build it back up, which is a good thing because I want to replace the older milk with fresh milk anyway. I have started researching organic baby formula and I've narrowed it down to two choices (one is not even available in the US so that might be hard if I decide on it). You know, just tin case I need to supplement.

The good news: I'm on summer break for the month of June so I don't have to worry about my crazy, demanding, time-consuming work schedule interfering with pumping. #Hallelujah

And so it begins...

August likes:
  • Giving people slobbery "kisses"
  • Gummy smiles and open-mouthed smiles
  • Tasting carrots and sweet potatoes 
  • Holding his own bottle during feedings
  • Watching Aiden play with basketballs, soccer balls, and pretty much anything else 
  • Rolling around in his crib, rolling around in his playpen, rolling around on the floor, just rolling around anywhere...
  • Jumping around in his jumperoo
  • Playing with his piano 
  • Grabbing my face and hair and ears 
August hates:
  • Wiping his face with a rag, warm or cold
  • Changing his clothing (he'd rather roll around and play)
  • When his pacifier falls out of his mouth in the middle of the night

No matter how he falls asleep, he ends up in this position,
on his side, holding his pacifier... sweetness

I can't wait to see what the second half of his first year entails! I know he's gonna be super busy trying to keep up with Aiden. 

Oh boy...


  1. What a wonderful smile! :) Concerning the formula: Have you ever considered the formula by Hipp? It is organic and in my experience the little ones really like it. I usually get it from here:
    Maybe this would be something for you, too?


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