Thursday, June 30, 2016

{Personal Style} A Baby Dedication Day to Remember

so fresh and so clean, clean
A couples weeks ago, August started his journey of faith when he was dedicated and blessed. It was such a special day filled with hugs and love and laughters! I was so happy that some of his god parents were able to enjoy the day with us too. It was truly heart-warming.

I shared a few pictures over on Instagram, but wanted to make sure that I also had a record of the blessed day on this space and place.

The boys wore matching coral shorts and white button-down shirts from H&M. Because he's such a dapper dude, Aiden wore a navy bowtie and navy and white polkadot vans that complimented his outfit perfectly.

As for me, I kept it simple with a knee-length floral body con dress and a pair of nude sandals/pumps. (I mean, with the outfit changes for August as well as the inevitable spit up and other stuff, my outfit needed to be as stylish and simple as possible.)

notice the baby drool on my arm... #motherhood
1/2 of the godparents... and Aiden.

Because, kisses make everything better!

The brotherhood:

By the way, do you know how difficult it is to get both kids to look at the camera at the same time and not have the sun in their faces? Yeah... some kind of impossible.

Aiden's eyes are closed and August is spitting up. Story of my life, y'all!

And then the big one is side-eyeing the little one...

And then the little one is looking at the clouds...

Success... finally! 

Cheers to such a blessed and favored and fabulous day!


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