Friday, June 17, 2016

Alvin Ailey at Lincoln Center

It's no secret that I love all things Alvin Ailey. I go see them every time they're in town and I've taken Aiden to see them at least four times within the past six years.

The choreography, the music, the meaning, the dancers... it's all so... breathtaking. Inspiring. Moving.

Seeing Ailey challenges me to be better, inspires me to do more, to go get my dreams. Unapologetically. Fearlessly.

When I tell y'all that I live to see this show... whew, chile! So when I found out that they'd be in NYC, I knew that I had to see them. This time, instead of taking Aiden, I took HEB (special shout-out to my nanny for staying with the boys so that we could enjoy a date night!). He's no longer an Ailey version and

While I love the ballet Revelations and can see it over and over again (seriously, no matter how many times you see it, it doesn't loose it's effect... it's that much of a spiritual and powerful experience), this time, I was particularly smitten by Open Door, Awakening, and A Case of You.

Open Door is like African and modern meets Latin Jazz. It gives me a club dance vibe. It gives me a celebratory feeling. It gives me fun and carefree and all the smiles. I wanted to get out of my seat and dance with them.

Watching Awakening is like looking at two sides of the same coin, balancing "chaos and resolution, dissonance and harmony." Without giving too much away, I loved the parallels and the emotions radiating between the beginning of the piece and the end of the piece when the dancers have awakened. It's pure brilliance!

A Case of You is everything I expect to see in a true love story -- ups and downs, twists and turns, falling and getting back up again. It's an intensely beautiful piece that'll move you in every way possible.

This is the last weekend to catch Alvin Ailey at Lincoln Center so if you're in the NYC area, you should definitely check it out! I've never been disappointed with a show so I know you'll love it! Visit the website to purchase tickets and prepare to be inspired.

{Disclosure: I was provided with a pair of press tickets in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed herein are 100% my own.}

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