Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Angry Birds Movie and Birds In Flight Show with KidzVuz

A couple weekends ago, the boys and I were invited to check out an advanced screening of The Angry Birds Movie and, as a long-time tried-and-true Angry Birds fan, Aiden couldn't be more excited. (I was just happy to see anything where Maya Rudolph does a voice-over because I think she's hilarious!)

In which excitement abounds. (Christmas. Circa 2012.)
Totally in his element. (Christmas. Circa 2012.)
Hosted by the awesome ladies of KidzVuz, the event not only entailed an advanced screening of The Angry Birds Movie, but also a trip to The Bronx Zoo for VIP seating of their Birds in Flight show.

That was equally as dope.

But first, the movie.

It's really a good film!

You know how sometimes there are kid movies that are kinda sorta really painful to watch as an adult? Well, this wasn't that. It was heartwarming and funny explores themes like working together, never giving up, and showing courage in the face of fear.

Beyond that, the movie was really funny. And not just "kid funny". There were puns and sarcasm and jokes that I'm pretty sure the kiddos in there didn't "get". But I got them. And I laughed. A lot.

After the movie, we headed up to the Bronx Zoo with other fellow NYC bloggers and their families. Aiden thought his day was made when he got to see The Angry Birds Movie, but then he got his whole entire life at the Birds in Flight Show.

You see, his class has been studying birds for the past couple of months and he's literally become obsessed with all things birds. Not only does he carry his binoculars everywhere "just in case" we go bird-watching, but he's become an expert on the fastest bird, slowest bird, the strongest bird, the most-friendly bird... okay, I made that up. But, still. You get my point.

And plus, I'm no expert on birds. But from what Aiden told me, there were Condors, Parakeets, Hawks, and Turkey Vultures. The birds were all showing off their natural flight behaviors and the presenter was showing off by teaching us all about their conservation needs.

The show will run on weekends from now through June 26th at the Bronx Zoo's Astor Court. If you've got a bird lover on your hands, definitely check it out. It's interactive, educational, and fun. And... you'll get major props from your bird lover!

August weighs almost as much as Aiden. #TheStruggle
Thanks so much to KidzVuz and Sony Pictures for hosting such a wonderful event. Aiden loved it, August loved hugging up on Nancy, and I loved having a family-friendly Saturday afternoon. Score!

{Disclaimer: I was invited to this event as media. Media attendees received a gift bag as well as transportation vouchers. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}


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