Sunday, June 26, 2016

Stop Waiting to Be Great

I remember when I first started thinking of applying to Columbia undergrad -- I was either a sophomore or junior in high school. I remember telling someone where I wanted to go to school and that I was gonna go for it, gonna apply and see what happens.

The conversation that ensued sounded something like this:
Her: You're applying to where?  
Me: Columbia and NYU. 
Her: Umm, how are you gonna pay for it? 
Me: *Shrugs* I dunno. I'll apply for scholarships. Or financial aid.  
Her: Ha! Good luck with that! 
Me: I'll think of something.
And I did. I applied for a New York Times College Scholarship, which I got. And which, quite literally changed the course of my life. And then I applied to Columbia, NYU, and seven other colleges. I got into all of them.

undergrad graduation
I was bold enough and audacious enough to attempt greatness. And it paid off. It worked out in my favor.

Was I scared? Yeah. But I was crazy enough to try. I was crazy enough not to wait till all my ducks were lined up in a row.

I was crazy enough not to wait till the circumstances were better, till I had better recommendations, more money in my bank account, an actual bank account that didn't include putting cash in an envelope and hiding it in my top drawer, and... and... and...

five years later... grad school graduation
(with a three-year-old Aiden)
I was crazy enough to try to be great. And it worked out in my favor.

I miss those days when I felt the fear and did it anyway. Why wait for permission to be great when we can just do the darn thing and make it happen!


  1. I keep telling myself that I will apply for Colombia for my masters! This is more than motivation! Congrats

  2. so inspiring!thank you, we needed this, girls from need some emotional support, and you gave it to them!god bless you and your family


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