Wednesday, March 30, 2016

{Baby Style} Smiles and Pastels

cardigan, striped onesie, pants: Baby Gap | sneaker socks: Trumpette 

Easter Sunday is always filled with church and new outfits, dinner at a new restaurant and Easter basket candy. Lots of candy. (In fact, it's one of the only times that Aiden is actually allowed to chew bubble gum.)

And color. Lots of color. It's the first time in the new year that I dress Aiden in something colorful.

This year, I was so excited to add Baby August to the mix.

So when I found these yellow skinny pants from Baby Gap, I had to get them. I mean, a baby... in skinny jeans! Who can resist?!

I paired them with a navy and white striped onesie, Trumpette sneaker socks, and a gray cardigan. It's official... this baby's stylin' on 'em!

Aiden was pretty stylish too, but that another post for another time. In the meantime, enjoy this delicious picture of my blessed duo...

Now you know I can't wait to do more Baby Style posts, right?

Seriously... bring on the cuteness!

Hope you all had a blessed Easter. Stay stylish!


  1. Cuteness overload. . .such adorable kids and Yes let's see more.

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