Wednesday, March 16, 2016

August Kingston, Three Months Old

Baby August turned three months last week and I've officially become one of "those" moms. I'm seriously amazed by all the little things he discovers and learns everyday and it excites me. Like, really excites me.

He's changed so much in these past three months and his personality is definitely blossoming. So yeah... I'm one of "those" moms. And I'm proud of it.

This month has been all about his hands. He's discovered:

  • How to use both of his hands to try to coordinate to grab onto something
  • How to reach for something and actually grab onto it
  • How to use his hands to put his pacifier into his mouth. And take it out. A million times.

He's also beginning to learn how to roll over from back to tummy! Go baby!

August likes:
  • Waking up smiling. Always.
  • Giggling. 
  • Giggling at pretty much anything Aiden says or does. #Brotherhood
  • Smiling at strangers while on the subway until they turn to him and smile back. (Not even kidding.)
  • His bouncer seat. 
  • Squeaky toys. 
  • Looking at himself in the mirror. 
  • Bearing down on his legs whenever someone puts him in a standing position.
  • Squirming. All day, everyday. He's busy like that!
August dislikes:
  • His swing. (That swing is still trying to win him over.)
  • Whenever people take too long to pick him up whenever he no longer wants to be on his back.
  • Whenever his pacifier falls out of his mouth and people take too long to help him put it back in
  • Cold breastmilk. (ask me how I know.)
  • Cutting his nails.
  • Whenever someone puts him in a standing up position on the floor. (Again, ask me how I know.)

He's such a happy little guy and I love that I get to be his mom. 

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  1. Baby August turned three months last week and you've officially become one of "those" moms. Nice post..alwys follow... Thanks from babies


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