Monday, March 21, 2016

FLY at The New Victory Theater

It's very important to me that Aiden has a knowledge of African American history, which is really just American history when you think about it. We read books and watch movies, listen to music and research things on the online. And we talk about our history. A lot. 

Another great way for him to gain that knowledge is through Theater. Not only is it a magical experience, but it also helps Aiden to really envision and understand a particular place, time, event... and lives of the folks in them. That's why when we were invited to see The Pasadena Playhouse/Crossroads Theater Company's FLY at The New Victory Theater, I jumped at the opportunity.

FLY tells the story of the of the Tuskegee Airmen through the eyes of four young men. The bravery and the determination of the first black military aviators in U.S. history who flew through the skies over Europe and North Africa during World War II is just... inspiring. The portrayal of it all? Equally mesmerizing. The tap dancing that's used to convey a range of emotions? Very, very powerful. 

FLY is brilliantly written and executed. It's equal parts thrillingly what's-gonna-happen-next dramatic and laugh-out-loud hilarious. There are intense moments and light-hearted moments and both of these moments speak to the heart. 

The show definitely made for rich discussions with Aiden about segregation, racism, WWII, and "bad words". There's a bit of strong language at times, which is why this show is best for older children. I was a bit concerned about the strong language (please note: there is use of the N-word once), but I didn't let that stop me from allowing Aiden to see such a powerful performance. In other words, it was totally worth it. 

FLY runs from now until March 27th and is for children ages 10 and up. The show is 95 minutes with no intermission and tickets start at just $15. Visit The New Victory Theater website to learn more information and purchase your tickets. 


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