Thursday, April 7, 2016

How We Win

All week my principal and I have been talking to our third graders who are taking their ELA NY State Test this week. It's three days of testing, can you believe it?!

Anyhow... everyday we come up with something to inspire them, encourage them, and push them to do their absolute best.

One of my favorite messages so far?

Hard work beats talent any day. Everyday. We've got to work hard, work smart, work consistently... and work to the point of being uncomfortable. When we move pass our comfort zones, when we get a little uncomfortable, when we get comfortable with being uncomfortable... 

THAT'S when the growth happens. 

THAT'S when we get to our personal best. 

And THAT'S how we win. 

Now... who's ready to win this thing?

That was for a test. But, obviously it can be applied to life. Are you ready to feel the fear, but do it anyway? Are you ready to consistently put in the work to move closer to reaching your goals?

I know I am.

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