Monday, November 3, 2014

{Kids Style File} 80's Baby

outfit: H&M 

To say that Aiden had a full week, and, subsequently a full weekend, is an understatement.

From celebrating his seventh birthday with a classroom party filled with gluten free, wheat free, diary free, and soy free cupcakes and donuts (food allergies and dietary restrictions are no joke!) to celebrating at home with yours truly to getting his first Nintendo DS (thanks to The Guy... it was his idea, not mine; and a gift from him, not me) to celebrating Halloween at the Museum of Natural History to seeing a show at The New Victory Theater (more on that in a later post), he had "the best birthday ever!"

His words, not mine.

To top it all off, my sister took him to the lego store to pick out a new lego set. We now have a 286-piece teenage mutant ninja turtle lego set to put together over the next few days.

Fun stuff!

Peep the ninja turtle in homeboy's right hand!

For his visit to the lego store, Aiden payed homage to 80's fashion when he wore stonewashed denim jeans, a metallic shirt, a faux leather jacket, fingerless gloves, and brightly colored kicks.

While I picked most of the pieces out when I went to the store to shop for him, he actually put the outfit together himself and was adamant that he needed to wear his fingerless gloves to "look cool."

Needless to say, the stylista in me was extremely proud.

Hope you guys had a fabulous week! Stay stylish!

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