Monday, November 17, 2014

Harvey and The Princess Teaches A Lesson On Being Present With Our Children

Photo by Carol Rosegg
When I heard that the creators of Wanda's Monster were coming out with another funny and entertaining performance, I just knew I had to take Aiden to see it!

I mean, it's been almost two freakin' years and the kid still sings The Monster Boogie as if it were yesterday! (If you haven't heard of The Monster Boogie... sigh... get caught up here.)

Last weekend, we headed to the New York City Children's Theater to check out The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess . And, let me tell ya... Babara Zinn Krieger (Making Books Sing Artistic Director and Co-Founder) and Laurie Berkner (Sprout TV, Nickelodeon, and, most importantly, a significant part of Aiden's bedtime routine with her awesome songs and whatnot) have done it again!

Not only is the show cute, but the actors are engaging and there are parts of the show that are interactive with the audience. In fact, it may or may not have been my dear sweet son who was talking back to the characters. Loudly. And making jokes with the characters. Loudly. During times when the entire audience was silent. (And then they were no longer silent because they were all laughing at Aiden.)

Photo by Carol Rosegg
The show features Harvey, who is a happy-go-lucky kid who only needs his family and imagination to be content. Harvey gets shipped to Pink Mountain Island and meets a Princess, who, although seems spoiled and ungrateful at first, is just another kid who needs love, attention, and affection from her family.

In this day and age that's filled with stuff and things and gifts and prizes... and more gifts and more things, it's refreshing to see a show that emphasizes the importance of just... being. Being present with your kids. Being active in their lives. And being purposeful in your interactions with them. And best of all? This is all free. It costs absolutely nothing to get down-and-dirty and have fun with your kids and create lasting memories.

What a great lesson to remember, especially around the holidays! I was reminded of this last summer and won't easily forget it.   

Photo by Carol Rosegg
After the show, we got to chat with a few of the cast members as well as Miss Laurie Berkner herself! And Aiden got to tell her what he always wanted to tell her -- that she's apart of his bedtime routine. So fetch! (That was a Mean Girls reference.) The entire afternoon was a great way to kick off the holiday season and make lasting memories with Aiden!

The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess will run through December 7th at Theater 3 (311 West 43rd Street, 3rd Floor). Tickets start at $25, with a family 4-pack of $95. Visit the website to purchase your tickets or to get more information.

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