Monday, November 17, 2014

#NYTOUGH! Seven Essentials to Make Your Winter -- And Life -- Easier

When it comes to everyday products in my toolbox, to say that I'm loyal to the products that I like and stubborn in my ways is, well, an understatement. I like what I like, I have a hard time ditching my fave products to embrace new ones, and, sometimes, I make no apologies for it.

But I'm learning to expand my horizons, switch up my routines a bit, and add new products to my rotation.

That's why I was pretty excited when I received a #NYTOUGH package at my doorsteps a few weeks ago. In the box were pretty great products --  Tide, Febreze, Bounty, Dawn, Head & Shoulders, Secret, and Crest.

I'm already a Tide Pods user because, it's like super duper easy when doing laundry, and, not to mention, it gets stains out of clothes like a BOSS!

I'm already a Crest complete user because it freshens my breath -- and Aiden's breath -- and it's the only "adult toothpaste" that he would actually use. (He refuses to use kids toothpaste, but would only use Crest toothpaste for his "adult toothpaste."

I'm already a Febreeze fan and can't nobody tell me nothing about it because it freshens my living room like no other.

And, I'm already a fan of Bounty, because, hello! #NoExplanationNeeded

But, I needed to be converted to Head & Shoulders. Not because I don't like it, per se, but because I've been loyal to the hair and beauty products that I've been using for, like, ever!

I like when shampoos clean my scalp and hair without leaving my hair feeling too dry, and the Head & Shoulders shampoo did just that. (I even used it a couple times just to see if it would have had the same effect, and... success!) The conditioner left my hair feeling soft and smooth and moist.

I definitely think that I'll incorporate Head & Shoulders into my beauty routine and hair regimen. I know I'll need it for the cold and dreary winter season coming up.

Heck, winters in New York City are tough. But, Head & Shoulders is tougher.

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  1. I actually use head and shoulders. The formula is different, in a good way, than in the past. It doesn't dry out my hair either. I don't use febreeze... I mean, I have in the past, but, something about it I just don't like. Dawn is a staple for me, but, my husband doesn't like it. Womp womp... But, yeah these are all good items to combat tough life situations, especially when you have kids.


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