Monday, November 24, 2014

HP Stream Family -- Sleek, Stylish, and Low-Cost Laptops and Tablets

Last weekend, Aiden and I headed to Chelsea to hang out with KidzVuz for their Holiday Party, and, in the midst of too much candy, treats, games, arts and crafts, dancing, and fun, we checked out the HP Stream table.

And then we fell in love.

With both the HP Stream Tablet 7 and the HP Stream 11-inch Laptop. Now the kid is talking about how he wants to add them to his Christmas list. (In addition to "a kid motorcycle" and "a spy gear set.")

And, now, I'm in trouble!

Not because of the prices of these stylish and sexy devices. I mean, with the HP Stream Tablet 7 being just $99.99 and the HP Stream 11-inch being just $199.99, you just can't beat those affordable prices! Not only are they perfect for holiday gifts, but, because of their low cost, they're also great for a first laptop or a first tablet.

The 11-inch notebook is a new kind of Windows PC that doesn't force you to choose between style and price. It's thin, light, and affordable. Not to mention, it has a fanless design so your systems will run quietly, and it has a battery that lasts up to 8 hours!

What I really like about the HP Stream 11 is that it is built for cloud computing on-the-go along with value-added services with free cloud storage for easy -- and instant -- access and sharing of content with 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive for one year, Office 365 Personal for one year to edit and/or share in real-time, and a $25 gift card in the box to use for anything from the Windows App Store (read: apps, videos, or XBOX games).

And let's not forget that they either come in a sleek blue or a sexy pink! Love it!

At only $99.99, the HP Stream Tablet 7 helps keep you connected to work, friends, and family, and content... all for a really great price! The tablet also includes one year of Office 365 Personal as well as 60 minutes of Skype each month, 1 TB of Microsoft OneDrive storage for one year, and the full Windows 8.1 experience.

With the multi-user support built-in, it's easy to share tablets between users (read: one holiday gift for two or more kids to share! #ImJustSaying...)

I really like that the HP Connected apps aggregates your digital content in one place. This includes photos, music, and apps that you can enjoy from multiple sources in a convenient way. Score!

Needless to say, the kid loved both devices!

And I'm in trouble. Not because I don't love 'em too, but because my little guy is growing up. So much so that he's now requesting digital devices of his own. And he's approaching the age where it's totally acceptable to have his own device.

Oh man. I'm not ready. 

Visit the HP website to learn more about the HP Stream 11-inch notebook or the HP Stream Tablet 7, and get ready to do a little holiday shopping!

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  1. I love HP always manages bring consumers the latest technology, but way cheaper prices than some of their competitors!

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