Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

Life is not a dress rehearsal. 

You know when meet someone online and then you get to hear them speak in person and then you see them on TV and they instantly become your best friend in your head? Such was the case when I stumbled upon the amazingness that is Demetria Lucas, blogger, author, and TV personality. She always says things that have me like, "Yes! I was totally thinking that!" Such was the case when I heard her share her favorite motto: 

Life is not a dress rehearsal. 

When I push myself hard and put some really long hours in so that I could take my career to the next level and go get my dreams, this is why I do it. 

When I dream up other ways to reach my goals and come up with dope ideas that I want to see come to fruition, this is why I do it. 

When I push past the mess and stress that happens in my life so that I can do the damn thing and try to be great, this is why I do it. 

When I leave relationships that are toxic — even though it means that I'll be a single mother — this is why I do it. 

When I set some time apart for Aiden and me to do things that kids like to do and create happy memories for him, this is why I do it. 

When I give Aiden the gift of travel and perspectives of other cultures and experiences that'll hopefully last a lifetime, this is why I do it.

When I work on this communication thing that I've gotta fix in order to a have healthier — and functional! — relationship with The Guy, this is why I do it. 

When I push myself to move out of my comfort zone and do something that's gonna elevate me, this is why I do it. 

Because life is not a dress rehearsal. Yes, there's always tomorrow to fix things or another opportunity to get it right, but generally speaking, this... is... it. 

This is my life, so I'm trying to constantly make a conscious decision to do what I love. And do it often. These are the cards Aiden and I have been dealt, so I've gotta teach him how to make the best of it and how to play the heck out of it. This is the baggage that I bring to my current relationship, so I've got to do my best to be aware of that baggage and not let it affect my relationship. 

Because this is my life. And it's not a dress rehearsal. So I've just gotta do the damn thing. With no apologies. 

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  1. Boom! I love it. I am with you. I am a minister of this gospel! LOL! I am always telling people this is it. If you want to do it, get to it. We only go around once.


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