Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why It's Important to Push Pass Your Comfort Zone

The panelist
For some time now, I've been thinking of taking this brand and blog offline by doing speaking engagements or inspirational talks. When I initially thought of the idea, I got really, really excited. But then fear and doubt crept in.

What would I talk about?

Who would I talk to?

Who would listen to me? 

Would I have anything of value to add to the conversation? To the topic? To the event?

And, most importantly, would others come away from it inspired?

At some point, I figured out that I just kept asking myself those questions because it was my mind's way of staying in my comfort zone and protecting myself from possible failure.

But what about possible success? What about things actually going well and right?

When I was asked to speak on a panel a few weeks ago, I took it as a sign. I mean, someone out there thought that I had something to contribute to a group of women out there so why should I continue to let self-doubt creep in?!

I'm so happy that I accepted the challenge because the event on Friday was amazing. I was the only younger mom on the panel and the only single mom on the panel. I was poised, graceful, funny, and most importantly, informational. Several audience members came up to me at the end of the event and thanked me for sharing my story, for representing for the younger moms in the audience and for the single moms in the audience.

It was such a blessing to be able to contribute and I'm feel so grateful for the opportunity. I don't say this to toot my own horn or to fish for compliments. I say it because I've come to realize that this is exactly why it's important to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and share your story with your whole heart -- because you never know who you will inspire when you do.


  1. Agreed. Pushing past is so hard but when you do the rewards are great. I too want to do more panels and recently have done 2 and now I am ready for more!

  2. What an exciting opportunity good for you!!

  3. Wish I could've heard what you all were talking about!! And wish something like this was offered in Boston. New York gets all the fun *pouts*

  4. You have a lot to share and are very inspirational so I'm not surprised you were asked to speak!

  5. I'm glad you did it. Your story is are you! You continue to inspire me, girl! Hi fives + fist bumps for stepping out of your comfort zone. That's where the magic happens!


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