Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Making The Most of Summer Staycation

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little upset when I came to terms with the fact that Aiden and I weren't going to have the opportunity to go on a vacation vacation this summer. But, since I had last week off, I decided not to be a Debby Downer, but instead to make the most of the time that I had with my baby.

We literally explored all over NYC and experienced something different every. single. day. By the end of the week, it certainly felt like we'd gone on a luxurious vacation. Right here in our beloved city.

On the first day of our staycation, we hit up the pool at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2. It was a lot of fun and a perfect way to stay cool. For free.

The second day, we headed to the Bronx Zoo, which we haven't been to in quite some time. It was great to finally check out the Dinosaur Safari ride that's been all the rave this year!

The third day, we headed a bit north of the city to finally check out Legoland Discovery Center in Westchester. I've been meaning to take Aiden there since last year, but I never made the time. Until our staycation. And I'm so glad I did because little guy had an absolute blast building cars, racing those cars, checking out the 4D movie, playing in the laser training camp, and going on the rides. Over and over and over again!

The fourth day was pretty low-key. I had my good friend's 30th birthday celebration to attend, but earlier in the day, I grabbed lunch in the city with my homegirl. We had a good time catching up about all things love and life. I brought Aiden along and he seemed to just be happy that he didn't have to order from the kids menu. #JustSaying

For the fifth day, which was the fourth of July, we went to dinner at Dinosaur BBQ (the only way to dine out for the 4th!) and then we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge to check out the fireworks show. We got there early and was able to get a great spot, which was absolute perfection. I'm a little biased, but I definitely think it's one of the best fireworks show ever.

Peep the red, white, and blue! 
Brooklyn Bridge

What's a staycation without a day at the beach?! That's exactly where we headed on Day Six -- to Long Beach on Long Island! Sun, sand, and the sound of the ocean was all I needed to rest and relax. Apparently it was all Aiden needed for climbing on rocks, playing ball, and running from waves. A total win for the both of us!

I'm rocking my MiracleSuit swimsuit and loving it!
The last day before it was time for me to head back to work (and Aiden to start summer camp), was a chill day. I packed a picnic bag, and we headed to Pier 6 and caught the ferry to Governor's Island.

Maxi Love

I've been back at work for a couple days now and I'm already missing all the fun Aiden and I got to have on our staycation. With all the things that I have to do and all the demands of my career, sometimes it's just nice to drop everything and spend some quality time with my fave little guy. It really puts things into perspective for me and helps me remember what's really important.

I ended my week full of love and joy and peace. And completely content. With life and motherhood. And that, to me, was better than any vacation we could have taken.

Peace and love, y'all.


  1. Such a great post and you both had fun. You are rockin' that swimsuit and enjoying life. That's all that matters!!

  2. Staycations are the best! Have you checked out Lakeside at Prospect Park? Roller skating and the Splash Pad Water Play is so fun..haven't done pedal boating yet.. Love your posts!

  3. We just went to see the dinosaur safari at the Bronx zoo a couple weeks ago! Ps-I love your wardrobe ;)

  4. NYC is such a perfect place for a staycation. Glad you two had a great time!

  5. Aw I just ran across your blog and you seem like such an awesome mom. I want to go to NYC someday but I am from the northwest I lived in Virginia for 2 years but with a baby I was way to scared to go adventure the crazy NYC everyone talks about. I just started a blog and hope my blogging turns into a success like yours seems to be! :) Anyways it looks like you two had a blast... :)

  6. it is always fun to explore your own city. always fun and half of the cost. I am beginning to do things in Atlanta with my daughter that I haven't done since I was a kid!

  7. i think you had a lot of fun there. wish to spent campaign like you with my kids.summer camp


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