Monday, January 13, 2014

Walk In Your Purpose

Me: You're smart and kind and you're a good little boy. When you get to school today, I expect you to show that to [your teachers]. Even if your friends are being silly, make sure that you're following all the directions, working your hardest, and being your best. All day long. Okay?

Aiden: Yes mommy.

Me: I'm so proud of you. You're going to do great things, but it starts with you being your best.

Hugs and kisses ensued.

That was our talk this morning on the way to school. No, there's nothing particularly special going on at Aiden's school this morning. Just another Monday. And just another opportunity for me to plant seeds in his life, instill values, and let him know that I always expect him to be his best. Even when he makes a mistake. Even if others around him are not being their best. Even when it's easier to be mediocre.

Aiden has a lot to offer the world and I want him to feel confident enough to walk in his purpose at all times. So we talk about it. And I give him encouragement and permission to be great.

I try to hold myself to the same standard. I try to constantly remind myself that I have a lot to offer the world and that I cannot be selfish with my experiences or the lessons that I have learned. (That's why I continue to write and blog and share.) I try to remind myself that I should not wait for permission to be great or to wait for permission to walk in my purpose. I should just do it.

What about you? If you're waiting for permission to be great, stop! You have too many gifts to offer the world, too many stories to share, too many lessons to teach to wait.

Live the life of your dreams. Live life on purpose. And walk in your purpose.

Every. Single. Day.


  1. Wonderful mama. you two are lovely together lovely

  2. I love that you plant seeds....we've doing that for my son since he was's so powerful! Love that picture!

  3. Agreed! There comes a point when we have to live our lives full out and we should encourage our children to do same. Life is precious and unpredictable. Waiting for permission or the perfect moments just make us miss out of on our purpose and callings.

  4. Such wise words, and so smart that you're planting the seeds now so that your words become "normal" for how one should behave every day!


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